Friday, July 18, 2014

America's Next Top Model Cycle 15- Please Dye Kayla's Hair a Normal Color!

I simply love America's Next Top Model, and my favorite episode season after season is when the girls go in for their makeovers. I love watching them cry over hair, which by the way grows back... and I love watching some go from drab and plain, to stunning.

Sometimes the makeovers are horrible though, and mostly that's due to hair color choices by these so called professionals. Sorry folks, but the person who dyed Kayla's hair Ronald McDonald red needs to be fired. The hair simple looks horrible.

Kayla at first stood out for her unique face, and my God how she reminded me of Amy Poehler in so many ways. Then came along makeover time, and with a blink of an eye they went and turned Kayla into Ronald's wife. Now she stands out for the wrong reason, and that would be that ultra bright, ultra oh-so-bad hair color.

I really wish someone would re-evaluate it, and seriously consider making it less norfin troll colored, because whenever I see her now, all I see is that hair, that horrible, horrible bling, bling glow in the dark red hair.

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