Friday, July 18, 2014

Anne Makes America's Next Top Model History Last Night in Cycle 15, Ep. 5

The awkward contestants in every season of America's Next Top Model is always my favorite contestant in the bunch, and this season Anne naturally took the top spot as one of the most awkward girls in the competition. Aside from her taller than tall stature, she has the eye's of a doe, and the body language of a timid hermit crab.

I wanted her to win the competition the moment I laid eyes on her, and by the looks of things, it appears that she just may very well be one of the remaining 2 in this seasons competition.
There does not even seem to be a runners up contestant on her heels, as the runner up for best photo is random week after week.

At any rate, Anne made top model history last night, when she became the only contestant with 4 consecutive weeks of holding the top photo week after week.

In all honesty, I did not think she would nab the best photo this week, because she definitely seemed to struggle on the photo shoot where the contestants were supposed to model off rage and anger in a wrestling photo shoot.

Anne seemed to stand still looking awkward when she was given direction. However I can't say the photographers were the best of the best, as their non-stop hollering and yapping over one another got even annoying for me to have to listen to. "Look this way, move there, stand up, slouch..."
With Anne though, she needed direction by Jay as well, and by the looks of things, it didn't look as if it was going well at all.

I knew she wouldn't be going home for it though, I figured maybe she would nab the 4th or 5th best photo of the week, and boy was I shocked when Tyra presented Anne's photo on screen. It looked so delightfully awkward, and beautiful all in one, and I absolutely loved it. It was probably the first photo I have ever seen where I could say 'yes, I want that as a poster on my wall.'
Anne graciously grabbed the best photo once again, making top model history. You go girl.

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