Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Americas Next Top Model, London is Sent Home! Cycle 12, Episode 9

Last night I was pretty shocked at what went down on Americas Next Top Model.

It's been no secret that contestant London put on a few pounds while in the competition. In my opinion though, she looked like a healthy normal weight; it's really no matter how normal and healthy she looks she gained weight during an important competition and it took a toll on how the judges saw her, and it took a major toll on her confidence.

This weeks challenge was to have each girl direct other models in the house for a photo shoot. After picking makeup, wardrobe, and camera/body angles for the shots, the contestant then had to pick the best photo.

Teyona won the challenge, and was rewarded a spread in Seventeen Magazine. Teyona was allowed to chose 2 other friends from the house to go with her. She took Celia and Aminat.

Watching their shoot though was pretty boring, and Celia simply looked ancient compared to the other girls. None though stood out as interesting during the short scene we got to see.

Anyhow, after the challenge came the photo shoot the girls were dressed in skimpy bikini like outfits. They were to hit the stage with Ciarra and pretend to be star obsessed fans of the singer.

Before London even hit the stage for her shoot, she was feeling self conscious about her body.

I hoped she got over it the moment she hit the stage, and her bubbly confidence would shine through. I thought she did a pretty decent job on the shoot and I didn't really sense any wrong doings.

Jay however pulled her to the side after the shoot and asked her about her recent rapid weight gain.

Seriously man, I'm so surprised she didn't belt out in tears. I could however sense it was a huge lashing to her already deteriorating ego.

I thought London however would be safe, especially after Allison's not so graceful shoot, and Aminat did the worst on the photo shoot. I assumed when the elimination occurred Aminat would be sent packing due to the lackluster photograph.

London's photo didn't come out all too gracefully either, and her shot reminded me of an ice skaters pose right after she wins the gold. Tight, accomplished, but awkward. I didn't sense this awkwardness when London was on stage though, and it made me wonder if they picked one of her not so graceful poses out of the bunch on purpose. I'm sure there had to be one better than that in the bunch!
Anyhow, after the girls line up for their eliminations London and Aminat were in the bottom 2.

I was quite surprised to see that Allison was not in the bottom 2 this week. I really adore Allison's eyes and lips, her features are so striking! Seeing that she needed some extra direction during the shoot though, I imagined it would be her the judges eliminated.

I think a lot of viewers thought she'd be going home, and I think a lot of viewers thought that if London was sent home it would be based off of her recent weight gain.

Well low and behold, it was London sent home, and I couldn't help but think it was due to her weight gain. Tyra of course sugar coated the reasoning to being something to do with her face. I am on the fence. Yes London's photo was not too great this week, but neither was Aminat's!?

You can place your views below in the comment section on your thoughts on this controversial episode.

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