Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Hills, Season 5, Episode 3 'I'm Done with You' Recap

So Hills fans, if you've been paying attention up to here likely you've already seen this episode and already had your 'oh my gosh' moments. For those of you whom missed last nights April 13th episode though, here's a little recap of what went down.

You already know that Heidi left LA to go visit her parents in Colorado, due to her finding out that Spencer was at a bar flirting with some older looking lady.

The drama is already in the air, and when Heidi returns we catch a glimpse of her having a discussion with Spencer about the events that unfolded in last weeks episode. Spencer lied and claimed he hadn't gone back to the bar to see her, however he did, it was relatively innocent as we saw in last weeks episode. If anything did happen, we never got to see it.

Anyhow, fast forward to Lauren. Her boss at People's Revolution tells her that they need a new intern now that Whitney is gone. Although she butt heads with Stephanie last week over bringing Heidi to her birthday party, she tells Stephanie about the job and is given an interview.

Steff pretty much bombs the interview, but they give her a chance anyway; under one condition of course. If Stephanie screws up, Lauren will be the one that will be responsible for firing her.
Let's skip ahead to more Heidi and Spencer drama.

After the mini tiff at the house, the show skips to night time where Spencer is cruising in his car with one of his friends. The two are hitting up a new club that recently opened up. At the club though, Spencer made plans with the bar lady.

The show then fast forwards to Heidi and Stephanie discussing Spencer while out for dinner together. Heidi tells Stephanie she wants Spencer out of her life, and how she does not even know him anymore.
Stephanie gets the bright idea to convince Heidi to go out and find out where Spencer is.

Low and behold they find him looking a little too cozy with the bar girl. Heidi cusses, and Stephanie's claws come out. Stephanie can be pretty feisty and had some really funny brutal things to say to el home-wrecker.

The home-wrecker decides to then call Stephanie a dog! I nearly laughed out loud, because the bar chick looks like she's the oldest chick on the show! She should consider pressed powders for her oily face by the way, hayyy-
Anyhow, Heidi ends up leaving and spending the night over at Stephanie's house where the two discuss Spencer, his bad influence of a friend, and the bar girl.

Stephanie instead of backing up Heidi's decision to dump Spencer, instead convinces her to convince Spencer to go to relationship counseling.

Heidi actually takes her suggestion as a good idea, and presents Spencer with an ultimatum. Go to counseling, or get out of her life.

Now, my feelings were so mixed on this episode, because if I recall correctly a few seasons ago when Heidi began dating Spencer, she was utterly distraught when she found out he was hanging out with some model strippers...or something like that.

Now in this season, and in this episode, after all that had gone down with her finding Spencer with this girl, she barely seemed upset over it. No tears, no nothing.


I know many folks have said this show was just a stage, with some real moments, and some staged moments. I must say that this particular episode seemed very staged regarding Spencer and Heidi.
In fact every episode they are in seems fake.

It makes me wonder if MTV will give Spencer and Heidi their own show after The Hills is wrapped up with this final season. Yep, the rumor is that season 5 is the final season. Sniff-sniff.

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