Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ann Wins America's Next Top Model, Cycle 15!!!

I was so nervous last night for my favorite top model contestant, and not just my favorite of cycle 15, but my absolute favorite model in the show since season 1. Ann sticks out like a sore thumb, and in a deliciously unique and beautiful way, and I was nearly in tears last night when they crowned my awkward beauty with the title that so fit her perfectly; America's Next Top Model.

The competition to the top though in the remaining episode was no neck and neck, but watching it, and watching Chelsea and her over bloated ego, stiff walk and final sore loser statement before she got the boot was just annoying. She felt cheated, I don't think any other runner up contestant ever made such a statement before, as most are happy for their competition to win, happy to have learned so much, and walk away gracefully knowing the end is not even close for them, so what the hell Chelsea? Uhg, so glad she lost!

At any rate, Ann was no prize on the runway battle either, she galloped in her usual awkward gangly way, yet did it with some minor improvements. Sadly she looked like a scared owl up there, while Chelsea had the better walk, she also seemed too stiff and plain. This was by far the worst head to head runway battle we have ever seen come from the show, and I was not impressed with either of them really.

The commercial shoot occurred before the runway walk naturally. Ann stole the gold in this as my eyes did not leave her, and Chelsea just sort of faded in the background; even when I watched the completed version of their commercial Chelsea went forgotten, and easily.

I was just beyond impressed with how natural Ann pulled it off, and came out of her shy awkward little bubble. She looked like a fresh social butterfly in her shoot, and we all know that is not Ann, but she managed perfectly, totally creaming her competition.

I think Ann will be one of those models that makes a splash, unlike the seasons previous forgottens. Tyra said it perfectly, 'we have what everyone wants from Tokyo to Europe... (or something along that line). Ann is a beauty, and can capture flawless raw emotion with barely any effort. A+
Finally a season where I am thrilled with the results!

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