Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tips on Using Holiday Lawn Inflatables

When holiday lawn decorations in the form of inflatables began to hit the market a few years ago I vowed to never own one, as I found that most who did own them, over did it and had no other decorations up besides these large space hogging inflatables. Not only were they ugly, but they also were very expensive when they first were released.

Last year the prices for these tacky looking fabric balloons began to hit low prices that made me curious in seeing what I could do with one, or how I could add to my holiday outdoor home decorations.

Granted I could be lazy, and just flop up 2 or 3 of these things like our neighbors tend to do. I could skip on the lights, and just call it a day. Yes, inflatable lawn decorations for the holidays definitely make decorating easy.

I could not fully review how I felt about these lawn ornaments though until I had one of my own, for an entire season. I wanted to see if the $30-$120 investment would actually work the next year. Lights tend to go out all of the time, even brand new ones but they are generally lower in price. If this inflatable couldn't blow itself up again a year later what would be the point of ever buying one?

The lower end 7 foot tall snowman we bought a year ago is simply adorable, and we did not just rig him up and walk away. He was an addition to our ever growing collection. We rigged the lights, decorated the yard with candy cane light stake path lights, decorated the bushes, the fence, and the yard with a few reindeer lights. Next was our big 7 footer.

It definitely adds to the entire holiday charm, it was easy to install, and did not take over our lawn. In order to keep the inflatable from becoming your only main holiday lawn decoration you really have to add lights and other elements to the home to keep it from grabbing all of the eye attention. If you are a serious holiday decorator, this won't be an issue.

The main question however is the burning one, are these inflatables worth the price? Will they work a year later? Will the fabric rip?

We pulled out big rig out this holiday season for its second seasonal use. The fabric did in fact grow a bit stiff, and I did worry about it ripping during inflating. I also worried about the inflatable inflating all together, would the motor that blows air work?

Well low and behold, or $29.00 investment did in fact blow up. The fabric colors were still bright, and its fan that kept it up worked just as wonderfully as it had the year before.

So yes, I would have to say that these lawn inflatables may very well be worth the money you will blow on them! No pun intended. Whatever you do though, do not scatter a bunch of these inflatables all over the lawn, it looks tacky, bad, and lazy. For larger front yards, adding one or tow of them is just fine.

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