Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bugs Found in Sims 2: Free Time

There really hasn't been a Sims 2 Expansion pack that has been 100% bug free. I found a slew of bugs with The Sims 2 Bon Voyage. Even the path that Maxis released didn't entirely fix all of the problems that I was experiencing with the latest expansion pack.
When I first got hold of Free Time, I was excited. I loved the new game play addition, and I enjoyed playing it. Slowly but surely, I began to take note of a few things that would occur randomly in the game that would totally piss me off.
The worst being crashes.
I have experienced quite a few quirky things in my game, but I have never ever experienced complete game failure quite like this.
Here is where crashes occur most for me:
1. My game will sometimes stop responding, and turn off giving me the whole 'error, game crash' remark. This has occurred when I am building a new family.
2. It has occurred when I went into build mode while playing a family of Sims.
3. It has also occurred when I went to give a Sim a makeover
4. It has occurred when I went to change my Sims clothing at the dresser.
Game crashes, as any gamer knows is the worst possible thing that could happen while playing; especially if you had been playing for a goddamn hour and didn't remember to save your progress.
Fans of the game have also been saying that crashes are occurring randomly at any given moment, an issue we simmers have never really experienced (unless we had a shitty computer)
Game Tips Not Shutting Off:
One thing I read before even installing Free Time was that many people who enabled game tips could not shut them off. Worst of all though, many of the game tips were tips from previous expansion packs.
You must turn the game off, and play again to get the tips to go away.
Sims Registering Good Memories as Bad Ones:
I have yet to experience this one, but many people in Sim fan forums are saying that they are experiencing Sims who will register a good memory as a bad one.
Sims Refusing To Listen To Commands:
This is an issue that I myself experience while playing the game. I will direct a Sim to do something, (even with his fulfillment bars at green, in the max) and he/she will not listen. The Sim will go about doing whatever he or she pleases. I have heard that turning off free will may fix this little bug.
Custom Content Not Showing Up:
This is something that has not directed me personally (thank God). Many simmers though are claiming that all of their downloaded custom content is not showing up in the game. Maxis recommended turning off custom content... but truly, what is the game without custom content.
I feel bad for anyone who cannot use their custom content. That would seriously piss me off to not be able to use my downloads.
Sims Needs Decaying at Record Speeds:
This is a huge issue that is pissing off a lot of Sim fans. I noticed it myself, and it is quite annoying. My Sims needs are decaying a wee bit faster. Even using the new aspiration points does not seem to fix the problem.
If I didn't have a hack, I would be giving in to my Sims needs constantly. Although my Sims needs are decaying faster... some fans are claiming they are decaying at rates equivalent to a pregnant Sim (I wouldn't say my needs decay that fast... but they do decay faster than the norm).
Issues Putting Toddler To Bed:
One major annoy factor that came packaged with Free Time deals with toddlers. Whenever my toddler is out of energy, I direct a Sim to put him to bed. The Sim will put the toddler to bed without an issue. However whoever else is in the house will then pick the toddler up and put him back on the floor. My Sims will then take turns putting him into his crib, and taking him out of the crib.
It is annoying, and the toddler can never get any sleep with the non-stop pick up, put down, crap.
Phone Calls:
This one is not a glitch, but a lot of people are mistaking it as one. For me though, it is just as annoying as a bug, if not more. My Sims cannot cook, sew, or work on a train set without the damn phone ringing every 10 seconds. The annoying hobbyists ring in and ring out. To top it off, once my Sim has gotten enough hobby points, the annoying NPC will even show up at my house to give me my membership card. Couldn't they just mail it to me in a package?! I loved getting the computer package... turns out that is the only package I'll likely ever get in the game! Instead I get mobbed with phone calls.
I used to love when my Sims got phone calls, now I dread picking up the phone.
Paying To Go To Work!?!?!
Many folks have been claiming that their Sims will return home from work, and have their pay deducted, instead of added to their money accounts. Yep, some are losing money after work, and not gaining! Now that just sucks. I guess the Sims are paying ridiculously high taxes too! Shoot!
Piano Man:
This is by far the most annoying thing I have ever experienced in the game (besides crashes). Now in the past, my game had always had issues with visiting Sims. The visiting Sim would always run off to my jacuzzi, and stay in it for days. I once had a squatter Sim sit in my jacuzzi for an entire Sim week.
I didn't mind though, the Sim would just sit there, and not bother me. Ever since installing Free Time though, visitor Sims no longer give a damn about my Jacuzzi. They now find that jumping onto my piano to play it for days on end to be a fun way to waste time on my lot. It wouldn't bother me so much if the Sim actually played a good song, but it's really horrible. I will even have Sims who are maxed out in creativity, visit my lot and play horrible tunes that only beginner Sims would play.
What sucks is when I try to interact with them to get their minds off of the piano, they will go right back to the piano afterward.
Another annoying thing is that it takes piano Sims too long to stop playing and interact if someone is waiting to talk with them.
The bug list is sure to continue, and it has been continuing daily, with new complaints flowing in. I myself have never experienced a bug until Bon Voyage and Free Time. I feel like Maxis should of studied these things before releasing the expansion packs.
Although I still love Free Time, I would love for them to release a patch, and fast!

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