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Charm School with Ricki Lake: Thou Shalt Put it Together Recap Bay Bay Bay, Saves the Day?

So last night I got to catch the most recent episode of Charm School With Riki Lake (Thou Shalt Put It Together)

and I must say, I was a little shocked at what went down. Shocked in how humble one contestant was, and shocked at how the elimination ceremony went as far as who is sent home.

This weeks challenge the girls are brought to a daycare for under privileged children. They are divided into 2 separate teams, and are given blue prints to set up a swing set for the children. Whomever finishes putting their set together first will be void from expulsion from Charm School.

No one wins the challenge due to the fact that no team was able to get the entire set together (fear not though, the sets will be put up by professionals afterward for the children).

After the long day of attempting to set up the set, Ricki takes all of the remaining girls out to dinner to get to know them all a little better.

Everyone is actually behaving and having a nice conversation with Ricki till K.O slides all of the attention on her with a sad story of how her mother died while giving birth to her. Her story manages to pull on the heart strings of Ricki, and many of the other girls in Charm School. Some however are not as convinced as others, and frankly when she said 'that's probably why I am so giving', was what really got me to raise an eyebrow. At any rate, whatever her story is, it is sad, but like some of the girls stated later on, there are too many inconsistencies. (Details on this further on in recap)

After K.Os speech, Ricki then goes around and asks the girls individually if they could pick anyone to win, besides themselves, who would they pick.

Risky and BayBayBay both put in their votes for K.O (I guess her sad story worked for them). K.O chooses Risky because she feels she has had a similar hard life to hers. Britanya chooses Ashely, Ashley chooses Britanya, Marcia oddly went with Bubbles, and Bubbles went with... uhm....errr... I tend to turn a deaf ear to what comes out of her mouth mostly.

After dinner the girls get drunk, and K.O really gets hammered. If you tuned in last week you know that Marcia made a promise that while she remained in Charm School she would not touch another alcoholic drink, and if she did she would expel herself. She was doing excellent with her word until the partying got going later that evening.

While sitting on the couch, K.O offers her a drink, and lies and says it is cranberry juice. Marcia knew that the drink was more than just juice, so she denies her and storms off.

In all honesty it was a pretty disgusting and foul move on K.O's part, and immediately I thought she should have been expelled for trying to get Marcia to drink. Joke or not, there is nothing funny about it.

Later that same night K.O begins to complain about heart pains, and tells the other girls that her mom died of heart problems, and that she too had heart problems. The girls immediately are confused now, because earlier at dinner she told them all her mom died during child birth. Me thinks someone is hiding something? Hmmm...

The next morning K.O checks herself into the hospital due to the chest pains, while the remaining girls chat about K.O possibly pulling B.S lies on Ricki and themselves.

Later on BayBayBay brings this to Ricki's attention, and states that if Ricki feels that she should go home over any of the other girls, she is okay with that. Bad move! Yikes.
Afterward though, you know that BayBayBay is safe because she was not voted in for discussion.
During the voting of whom would be up on the chopping block, many of the girls choose K.O to be up for discussion due to her inconsistent stories. Risky and Marcia are also chosen for discussion.

Ricki cannot make up her mind, so she decided to ask BayBayBay if she is still willing to offer herself for elimination to save one of the girls up for elimination. Man, it was a sucky move on Ricki's part, and totally unexpected.

BayBayBay says yes, and offers herself up for elimination. It was honestly a bold move, but dayum that girl was put up on the spot...and frankly I don't think she got to think things through before it all happened the way it did. Maybe she forgot, that these girls were competing for $100,000!?!?!?

Anyhow, as she is saying her goodbyes, K.O gives her a hug, and is crying, and offers her, her pin so she can stay.

So who stays? Who goes? Does K.O give up her pin to save BayBayBay, or does BayBayBay take the high road?

The episode was left with the big ole' To Be Continued...
I imagine BayBayBay will walk, but in all honesty I hope she stays. She is one hell of a beautiful strong woman, and I would like to see her take this competition all the way to the win.

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