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Paris Hilton's My New BFF, Season 2 Recap: What's on the Inside and the Outside Counts

Gosh darn, with this weeks Paris Hilton's My New BFF episode title of 'Whats On The Inside and The Outside Counts', I was sort of glad when one of the contestants cussed Paris out. In fact, I laughed so hard because it was so unexpected!

Before getting into the episodes funnest scene though, let's rewind back to the very beginning.

Onch walks into the mansion with some weird shiny pink outfit, which really made me puke in my mouth a little because as he walked I could see his Johnson flailing around through the thin clothing material he was wearing. I don't know what, I just assumed that Onch was all woman (as in he had the operation), I guess I was wrong; clearly wrong.

Anyway, Paris cuts in every now and then while she is lounging on a couch, wearing some ridiculous Egyptian looking head pieces, going on a ramble about how outside appearances count just as much as inside personality does, especially when you are in the limelight.

The shallow speech disgusted me, considering the head piece she was wearing. Hello?!

Anyhow, this weeks challenge is pretty lame, and adds nothing to the episode, but its thrown in there, because...well, why not?

Onch takes the girls to some weird room that freaked me out because it was all white and you could not tell where the floor ended, and the walls began. Reminded me of that Daffy Duck cartoon when he erases everything and all you see is his big duck bill flapping away.

Anyhow in the creepy room sits the worlds biggest cupcake. Yum, yum. Paris lets the girls know that inside of the worlds largest cupcake are 3 eggs. The goal is to try and find the eggs before the other girls.

Kaitlyn, Katie, and Desi end up finding the 3 eggs hidden within the giant cupcake. Inside of the eggs are prizes. The cheapest prizes I've ever seen Paris offer her contestants.
Desi opens her egg, and her prize is a lap dance from onch. Yay.

Kaitlyn gets a large pink plastic friendship ring. Yay.

Katie gets to choose whom she wants to put up for discussion for this weeks elimination. Katie chooses Desi. Yay.

A small verbal tiff takes place, where Desi takes on the role of the tough girl role. It ends on a note of 'whatever, she got to choose, so she chose me'. Later on in the confession booth Katie is crying to the camera about how she is afraid of Desi wanting to fight her. Good Lord.

Anyhow, Paris picks Katie to be her pet this week, and gives her the role of putting some new looks together for each and every one of the contestants.

Katie takes on this new job like a clothing Nazi, rambling on about how much fashion sense she has, and how her style is the hottest. Blah blah, gag me. She looks like Audrina Patridge's evil twin...only there is something wrong with that fake airbrush tan. Lay off the tan-in-uh-can hunn-ay!
After putting together some fashion looks for the others, she has to present her fashion sense to Paris.
Paris is not digging it, and it is clear. She hates the bows that Katie added to everyone's hair.

Personally, I did not understand the point of making Katie dress them? It's clear it was to point out how fashion NO Katie was, but seriously, was this necessary? If anything, it was just mean.

After seeing how Katie dressed the others, she lets everyone know they are going to be competing in a pageant.

Before that though she gives the contestants full control over a new makeover for themselves.

Katie has a crying fit when she sees that Nicole will also be adding bold colorful highlights to her hair.
Katie thinks Nicole is copying...however the girl obviously does not get out often, because bold colors in hair is a fashion trend that has been around for nearly a decade, or two. Katie is under the impression that this style is a style 'all her own'. Good lord.
Some got some really neat new makeovers, while others didn't really change much at all.

Nicole thinks it is a beauty pageant, but Paris lets them know it's red carpet. Nicole decides to dress in a pink gown that looked like something Cinderella would have worn to the ball.

I thought it was cute, but not red carpet ready. Prom ready yes.

The other girls all whip together their own personal styles, and all of them looked pretty nice. Stephen looked like something that had fallen out of an old Michael Jackson video though. What was that? Katie looked fashionably odd, but she rocked the strange look, and it was actually rather pretty.

Nicole did the worst with her prom dress, so Paris puts her on discussion. Paris also puts Kristen up for discussion due to her fashion no-no and lack of a makeover. Nicole, Kristen and Desi so far are the 2 contestants up for elimination this week.

Anyhow, during the pageant, Amanda does the best, so she chooses her to go on a special mani/pedi date. Katie who is the pet, also gets to tag along.

During the nail filing scene, Amanda takes over the conversation by crap talking about the other girls.

Katie sits silently. Frankly I would have done the same thing. How is talking crap about other people bonding? Katie was at least mature enough to not talk down about her other contestants. I mean hell, last week Paris went on and on about sisterhood. Katie was just being the mature one in the situation.
At any rate, later on Katie is excited that she is safe from elimination. In previous previous episodes, and last seasons episodes, its clear that the pet is safe from elimination. This season however everything is so wishy washy. Rules don't apply anymore, because Paris sends Katie up into the group of those up for discussion due to the lack of 'impressing her' while out on the manicure date.

Next the eliminations take place, and the fun begins.

Paris goes on a mean streak by telling Nicole she is an airhead. However the airhead is safe from elimination. She bounces back to her seat happily. Frankly if I were he, I'd of slapped
No slapping occurs, but some verbal punches are spoken shortly after.

Next Paris tells Desi she is safe. The final 2 are Kristen and Katie. She does not send one home, she tells them both they are eliminated, with a nice shallow TTYN.
However Katie goes off on a crazy cuss out on Paris. Unfortunately its all bleeped out, but I can tell a lot more was said than just F.Off.

The other contestants are shocked, and manage to keep a straight face. I would have died laughing. Katie was sweet, but you could tell from the get go, that she was sweet mixed with spice. Haha! Loves it.
So bye-bye Kristen, and TTYN Katie.

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