Sunday, July 27, 2014

China Creates Nintendo Wii Knock-Off, the Vii Careful Buying that Wii, it May Be a Rip-Off Clone - The Vii

So everyone who is anyone knows someone who has a Nintendo Wii, or wants a Nintendo Wii. Supply and demand is still an issue when it comes to getting a console. However what tickled my funny bone today was when I learned that China has been selling the Vii. A knock off of Nintendo's Wii.

The Vii, although a knock off has gained some attention. Frankly it has gained enough attention for them to actually recently release the Vii 2.

A lot of Wii fans are saying that the Vii and the newest Vii 2 is probably easier to obtain than an actual Nintendo Wii. Odds are their funny comments are most likely right.

The Vii is basically a wanna be Nintendo Wii. It stole it's design, and even went as far as stealing the wii motes controller set up. What is worse, is that the Vii is releasing well known games and redesigning them as their own. Cooking Mamma Cook-Off has taken a Vii transformation with scary looking characters, and ugly graphics.

After checking out the supposed official Vii commercial that was released in China, I must say that it looks very very similar, and even though game graphics are being spat at by Wii fans, I will honestly say that nothing looks too different. The graphics are that same cartoonish graphics we see in many Wii games, and game play is also the same.

The Vii also has already released a collection of Viis with color options, something Nintendo has not even touched yet. (At least I have never seen one 'available' on shelves).

Although the Vii is clearly a knock off, I wonder if the Vii will go for knock off prices, or if it will sell for the same price the Wii does.

One thing about the Vii though that isn't mentioned is its ability to go online. You see the reason I like my Wii so much is that I have the option to download games, and go online if I wanted to. Although they need to improve their browser, the Wii is basic reliable for browsing the net, or making sure you won your ebay auction.

The Vii though has already launched Vii 2. I can't see them working with old Vii titles when they ave the Vii 2 to worry about. Unless Vii 2 will be able to play original Vii games.

I'm quite shocked that Nintendo has not stepped in yet to file a lawsuit, seeing how everything from game titles to controllers are nothing more than clunky clones of their Nintendo Wii.

So Who Wants A Vii?
I think I'll pass.
I am sure that if anything goes wrong with the Vii you are on your own. Odds are if you buy it and it breaks your stuck with your broken Vii. Odds are this knock off won't make it to America... not anytime soon anyway.

I just feel bad knowing that some poor fool may end up buying a knock off Vii console and not a real Wii for his/her kid.

Be Careful:
In a world where everything can be cloned, even your frigging game consoles, consumers who are not informed enough about a certain console could easily find himself/herself being sold a fake for full price.

The resemblance is similar, but for those looking for the actual Wii, note in photos you can find on Google, that the Vii clearly has a Vii logo, and the console itself is much larger; although the design is the same.

-Always do a double check when buying pricey name brand merchandise.

-If your buying it from a vendor on the city sidewalk, odds are you're going to be disappointed.

As always, do your freaking homework before coughing up cash.

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