Sunday, July 27, 2014

1MiniYou: Create a Bobble Head of Yourself! Awesome Customized Bobble Head Of... You!!!

I am positive that nearly everyone reading this has heard, or may have even had customized products done for themselves or for family. I am sure you already are aware of children's books where you could add your child's photo and make him the star of the book. Some may of even had customized cartoons done with their children in them.

However today I discovered probably the coolest customized product I have ever seen. Frigging bobble heads man.
Over at you can have the company make you a bobble head doll that will resemble you. You have the option to pick through a bunch of different bodies for your bobble head. Next you simply upload your photos to the site, and in a few weeks they will ship you your customized bobble head.
They ask for a front photo of your face, side profiles, and the back of your head. The more photos you submit the more realistic your bobble head.

What is neat about it is that it is affordable, and the results they show on the site are pretty outstanding.
Not only that they make for sweet gifts. My brother is a cop, and I have the option to make the bobble head look like my brother with quite a few different police officer body types. They also have military body types to choose from.

The site also offers unique bodies for newlyweds. How awesome would look alike bobble heads be for newlyweds as a wedding gift? Cheap, and thoughtful, oh yeah!!!
The bobble heads come on bases, but you can spend a little more money and have them placed in scenery, such as riding a motorcycle, or riding a sled.

I find that the bobble heads would also make for excellent gifts for parent who have children. They feature a body that is designed to look like a child waiting for their bus on the first day of school, which I think is adorable.

You can also choose regular casual clothing for your bobble head, ninja style clothes, Chinese clothing, and more. The possibilities are really entirely up to you.

I am having one made for my boyfriend (who thinks he is a ninja) for his birthday in March.
Product Details:
Each custom made bobble head featured on the site have heads, but the heads will be replaced with custom made heads of the photos you have sent in. The dolls also stand in at 16cm tall.

The bobble heads mainly come to $60.00 each. Background scenery can be a bit pricier.

Overall Opinion:
The custom made bobble heads are probably the coolest product I have seen featured since customizations became popular. I think these bobbles would make for awesome gifts even for the most difficult person to buy for.

Where To Buy:
Over at the site,

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