Sunday, July 27, 2014

Christmas Horror Movies: For Those Who Enjoy a Holiday Scare Have a Scary Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when everything is holly, and jolly, and gay...but some of us...some of us cannot stand everyones happy little rose blushed faces, some of us like darker things...but this does not mean we don't love to love Christmas.
It also does not mean we are subjected to all that is good during this time of year. Some of us enjoy a good holiday spook every now and then. What I did was I compiled a list of Christmas Horror Movies, for us horror movie fans.
1. Gremlin's
This Christmas horror movie is a bit mild when it comes to an all out holiday fright fest...but it does pack some freaky scenes, and some scary parts that will cause an increase in the heart rate.
Billy is given a pet for Christmas. An odd rare creature, he calls it Gizmo. Gizmo though is no ordinary pet, he requires certain feeding times, and he can NOT have any water...or something bad will happen...something not so cute.
2. Silent Night, Deadly Night
This horror film was released in 1984, and was nearly banned due to the fact that the killer went around sporting a Santa suit.
Although this is a good Christmas horror movie, I must say a lot of scenes were downright boring. Not much creativity went into it, but it is a pretty good horror for the holidays.
Silent Night Deadly Night takes a deeper look at the whole 'Santa knows who is naughty, and Santa knows who is nice' line that parents use to get their kids to behave.
3. Black Christmas
This Christmas horror movie reminded me a lot of the 1984 film Silent Night Deadly Night. It's basically another teen slasher movie where the killer picks each occupants in this large home off one by one. The killer is a mental patient who has escaped an institution...only the ending has a twist no one saw coming.
It has some really scary parts, but for the most part this one is nearly predictable. It's a good Christmas horror...not a great one.
4. Nightmare Before Christmas
This computer animated film basically follows the Pumpkin King 'Jack' around. He is the king of Halloween town, but he longs to celebrate Christmas. In this cute, odd film watch as Halloween collides with Christmas.
5. Christmas Evil
A man is sick and tired of Christmas, and how commercial it all is. So driven by (I guess insanity) he dresses up as Santa Claus and decides to reward those who have been good, and punish those who have been naughty. He has been taking tabs by peeping on the children in the neighborhood, and he knows who is naughty, and who knows who is nice.
Christmas Evil is not for the squeamish. It's a bad, bad Christmas horror movie.
6. Jack Frost
I tried watching this horror a few years ago, only because the case had really neat artwork on it. The movie reminded me of those scarecrow thrillers that can be found on shelves in drones around Halloween time.
Jack Frost though is basically a killer who escapes a the holding truck during a collision. An explosion occurs that causes his skin to melt and fuse with snow, thus creating this snowman horror creature. Underneath though, it's just another serial killer. Serial killers get where I'm going?
7.Santa's Slay
Yet another gory Christmas horror flick!
This film takes a different look at Santa Claus. Everything you know about the jolly character is thrown to the trash... in Santa's Slay you discover that Santa is only good because he lost a bet with an angel who forced him to do only good deeds for the next 1,000 years.
After 1,000 years pass though, Santa is out for revenge...
This one is a decent Christmas Horror, that many do not know about. For any horror fan; it's worth a watch.
Enjoy the Christmas Horror flicks, and have a Scary Christmas!

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