Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mistletoe to Go and's 'Stupidest' Holiday Gifts Mistletoe to Go, and Other Incredibly Stupid Holiday Gifts from Stupid.Com

I'm a cheap person, and whenever I come across a website that offers cheap Christmas gifts with fun practical uses, I have to jump on the bandwagon and purchase a few of these matter how stupid they are. I've known about for quite some time, and through my days I've placed quite a few orders here. It seems that when I land on someone on my Christmas shopping list that I can't figure out what to buy, I find myself over at
This year they managed to launch quite a few stupid gifts, for dirt cheap.
The first oh so stupid, but oh so cute gift you can pick up for yourself or for others is the Mistletoe To Go.
For only $7.99 you can grab a lot of lip locking action, and attention. The Mistletoe To Go is exactly what it says it is. It is basically a mistletoe that is attached to a plastic stick, the plastic stick has a suction cup on it. You stick the suction cup to your dome piece, and make your way through your holiday party...and get; well, kisses of course!
It's an extremely cheesy practical joke, but I am sure it will turn heads; and hey, who knows, it may even land you a few kisses.
That's not all though, over at they have a slew of stupid gifts. Stupid, but fun.
The next stupid gift on the chopping block goes to the Yule Doo.
The Yule Doo is basically a fake piece of dog crap attached to a decorative red and green piece of string. It's dog poop for your Christmas tree, and as gross as it is; you have to admit; it's pretty goddamn funny.
I think this will make one heck of a hot steamy gift for someone who owns a dog or two.
If ornaments are your thing, you are definitely going to want to check out the Trash Can Tree Ornament. Why not hang it up right next to your piece of Yule Doo.
While hanging your pile of poop, and trash can, you may want to check out Jerry Jingles. This snowman is actually an ornament with a built in motion detector. Whenever someone walks by Jerry Jingles will belt out one of his 6 tunes. Yes it may be stupid, but it's also so cute it's stupid.
Now if ornaments are not your thing, and your sense of stupid humor includes poop, you may want to check out Stupid.coms collection of pooping animals. The animals don't really crap out poop though. With a squeeze to the plastic toy it will release a perfect brown jelly bean from it's butt hole. It's gross, it's rude, it's stupid!
The next incredibly stupid, yet witty gift available at is the Grow Your Own Furniture Kit. This is probably the stupidest, and funniest crappy gift I have ever seen...yet want to buy it for someone sooo badly.
This kit is basically a plastic bag, with a cute label stapled to the top of the plastic bag. In the plastic bag is an acorn.
Another disgustingly stupid gift you may want to pick up for someone you hate (or someone obsessed with crap) would be the 2008 Dog Poo Calendar. It includes 12 photos with scenes appropriate for that month. December would be a beautiful snowy lawn...but whats that on the lawn? Why, why thats a pile of dog poop! Nasty, stupid, but bound to have even the most uptight priss shaking with laughter.
Seriously has it all, and has something for everyone. Even though most of what they have to sell is 100% incredibly stupid, they are also 100% incredibly fun. Check out the site for some of the stupidest Christmas gifts, and more.

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