Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cigarettes & Coffee: How Much Do Your Bad Habits Cost Per Year?

So today I was pondering something while standing outside of my office building. I was puffing away on a cigarette, wishing I had a cup of coffee to go with my drag.

Then I began to think; how much is this costing me? My ciggs, and my coffee? How much is it costing me per year to smoke and drink. The results were not sort of scary.

You see I buy a cup of coffee twice a day from a nearby deli. The deli is practically next door to where I work, so access is easy. On weekends I usually brew my own coffee, but still I find myself hitting up a local Starbucks or 711 to buy a mid-afternoon cup on the go. By 5pm I find myself buying yet another large cup to keep me up and get pumped for weekend late night activities. (Hanging out with friends, what have you's).

Basically, even after brewing my own coffee, I still pay $2.00 a cup, twice a day. 365 days a year.

So, you do the math. 365 days a year, $2.00 a day, and my coffee drinking habit costs me $730.00 a year. However it gets worse, because at least once a month I am also buying a tin of coffee for the house. My tins average at about $14.00 a tin, per month. That's another $168.00 added to $730.00; which comes to a grand total of $898.00 a year. For coffee.

But we're not done yet. I'm a smoker. I smoke about a pack a day. Parliament Light 100's come to $5.45 where I am from. I never have the time to buy cartons at my local reservation, so I buy by the pack in gas stations every morning.

$5.45 for each consecutive day; 365 days a year... my smoking habit comes to $1,989.25 a year.


Not done yet though. Every month I have to buy a new lighter, to smoke those cigarettes. Lighters come to about $1.50 each. Totaling $18.00 a year just to light my smokes.

Add that price to my coffee price, and I realize I spend $2,905.25 on smoking ciggs and drinking coffee per year. Some people don't even pay that much on taxes on homes per year... yet I manage to inhale and piss away nearly $3,000 on two of America's worst habits, nicotine and caffeine. Gosh, I'm sort of ashamed.

Now if I go into complete detail, and add on a few more of my bad habits the price would triple.

I at least have a better understanding of exactly what my 2 worst habits cost. These dirty habits may eventually cost me my health, which in turn will cost me even more money.

So before you sip away at your morning cup of Joe, or take a drag off of that lovely cigarette, think about what it is costing you. A hell of a lot of money, and your health.

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