Saturday, July 26, 2014

Free Wii Downloads: What They Don't Tell You

I, like any other Nintendo Wii fan, will show or has already shown interest in joining websites that will allow you to download free wii games! The promises are huge; wii games; download to your PC, and transfer to your Wii! Easy! Join Now!!!!

I almost gave in, and pounded my credit card out for a one time membership of $49.99. This one time membership fee would grant me access to all of the wii games my heart could desire. According to the sites out there, all 100% free, all 100% legal!

Basically all of the sites out there offered the same thing. Instructions/software on how to download games from the PC, to the wii. They also would give me access to their library which would allow me to download music, games and wallpapers for my console. It sounded so dang good, so delightful, just what I had always wanted; all of this for the same price one wii game would cost at the store.
Not only that, all software would be included to download the games.

However before doing so I got to thinking. Something was missing, and it took my brain quite some time to scan exactly what that was.

Then I put it together...

The sites give me 'instructions' to download to my PC, but they failed to mention anything about how to get the games on to my wii for playing.

Google search after google search and I still came up empty on how to get the downloaded games to my Wii. I was hoping it'd be simple! A quick burn to a disc and tah-dah, I'd be playing newly released games instantly.

Not so though.
You see, what they don't tell you is the most important aspect of getting these games to work on your wii.

They trick you into coughing up your $50.00, and then they'll tell you that you can download all you want... but they fail to mention before paying, that you need a modded system. Gee, would of been nice if they'd let you know before you spent the money.

These one time membership fees fail to mention anywhere that you NEED a modded Nintendo Wii in order for these burned discs to work on the wii. I had to figure it out by browsing wii forums online. Thankfully a wii gamer came forward to let others know that you NEED a modded wii in order for any downloads to work on the console.

It would truly suck to download 20 games, and then find out you can't do crap with them due to your lack of a mod.

This sucks in my opinion. They suck you in promising you everything and anything you could ever want for your console...yet after scanning through the FAQ section, I came to realize that they only claim to offer software to download games to the computer. They DO NOT offer anything after that.

Any fool knows how to download software, but then what?

Oh I know, I simply take my downloaded games and burn them to a disc... and laddy dah I'm on my way to playing my downloaded games. YEAH RIGHT!!!!! I WISH!!!

Ah yes, the big modding issue.
So yeah, I could go out, spend $100 or more to have some professional add a mod to my wii, or I can try to be savvy and mod it myself for around $35.00. However I've never soldered anything; odds are, I'd screw up and kill my wii.

The the next ball of burden my mind faces is the fact that even after spending $100 or more to have a professional mod my system, my system can still burn out, or fry. Nintendo will not cover my warranty if I ruin my system trying to mod it out.

Other Issues:
That's not the only issue you will come across when trying to get free wii games. You see if you do have a modded wii, then you are golden. However even with a modded wii, you can run into quite a few issues.

First off, there are 100% free sites that offer wii games to download with no membership fee (how that is legal is beyond me? Does anyone not remember Napster!?).

If you still won't listen, and you are going to go about getting free games using non-membership sites then be careful. Odds are you are downloading a virus 90% of the time, and 10% of the time an actual working title.

I will not list the names of the available 100% free sites, so don't bother commenting if that is what you're looking for. I don't need some punk returning here to tell me it's my fault he/she downloaded spyware. Download at your own risk. If you are serious about finding the 100% free sites, you will find it on your own, just fine. Like I had to.
I though would recommend buying the $50.00 membership to other download sites of you have the modded wii, and still think you HAVE to have this service. At these sites you are at least 100% safe of spyware or adware. Make sure the site says this in the disclaimer if you are going to actually pay for unlimited access!!!! (Again I will not list the names of the available unlimited membership pay sites, so don't bother commenting if that is what you're looking for)
If you do have a modded wii and still want to join one of these one time unlimited membership sites, you should still be wary. There are some paysites that give you a link to other paysites, and you end up paying and paying, and still do not have access to the games.

Read reviews before picking which site you will use.
Be wary of the website, and make 100% certain that the web address has not changed. Directly type in the name of the site you are interested in, in your browser (That thing at the top of your screen!), don't click on some link you find in a forum or blog. You could end up clicking a fake site. Fake sites copy legit sites in order to get your card information. These fake sites send you in a circle of 'payments', and still you get no games.

Now don't go rushing out to buy yourself a modded wii. They burn out quickly, and there are no warranty's on modded wii's.

Truly your honest to God best bet is to just buy the title from the game store. You can find more comfort in knowing that if anything is wrong, you can return it. You don't have to worry about downloading any viruses, nor do you have to worry about your wii blacking out, or paying for something that you might not get.

Again, in order for any download to work, you need a modded wii. I grew tired of the same question arising in forums and in blog comments. "Will I need a modded Wii in order for games downloaded to my PC, to play on my wii?"

YES! Until someone creates some other loop around this little dilemma, the answer is yes.

Many pay site's won't tell you that, but the fact of the matter is, you need a modded wii in order for it to work.

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