Monday, July 28, 2014

Classic Metallic Pin-Art

I'm sure everyone reading this has seen or has owned a Classic Metal Pin-Art at one time or another.
Not Sure What I'm Talking About?
Come on now, search them brain cells... A Metal Pin-Art is actually a plastic rectangular toy, one side of the Pin Art has a clear plastic sheet on it which is bolted down to a plastic black base piece. The black base piece has hundreds of tiny holes strategically placed which holds small non-sharp nails. The small nail heads keep the nails from falling out of the base, and the clear plastic top also stops them from falling out.
The Point Of The Classic Metal Pin-Art?
Truly there is no point to it,,,the Classic Metal Pin-Art is basically a fun gadget to screw around with when you are bored. You simply place an object (or your own body) up against the pins, and it will create the image on the pins.
Smooshing your face into the bed of metal pins is probably the coolest thing you can do with the Classic Metal Pin-Art.
It's not uncommon to come across one of these in a toy store with some strangers middle finger etched out into the bed of pins.
What is great about the classic metal pin art is that it is made better than those cheap plastic florescent pin-arts that you see in Walmart. The plastic Pin-Art toys are harder to keep an image only because the holes are made too large for the pins, so it causes more of a slide. With the metal pin-art toys the holes are cut perfectly so that way you can remove the pin-art from the object or your face with ease, and still manage not to mess up the image.
Although the Classic Metal Pin-Art is fun when you first get your hands on it, it grows boring shortly after you made an impression of your body, your boob, and your face. The gadget has not much to offer, but it still makes for a neat gift for your children and teens.
The pins are not sharp, but still keep an eye on younger children while they are using the Pin-Art. If they are not careful they could poke their eye or something while trying to make an impression of their face.
One issue I have had with the Classic Metal Pin-Art is that it's pins easily snag clothes. If you are not careful you could bend a pin and ruin it.
I have seen Classic Metal Pin Art in key chain sizes, up to larger 12"x12" squares. I recommend the standard 5"x7" Pin-Art only because it is easier to hold. The larger one is sort of sloppy and if you drop it, odds are the clear plastic top will break and you will be on your hands and knees picking up tons of little pins.
Where To Buy:
I have seen the Classic Metal Pin-Art for sale in many different stores, but like I mentioned many of these pin arts are plastic hunks of junk. You want to make sure you are buying the one with the metal pins for a better quality toy.
You can purchase the metal Pin-Art at local toy stores and malls. Prices vary anywhere from $4.99 to $19.99 depending on what size Pin-Art you want. You can as always pick this up at as well. Prices tend to be less for it here, however do make sure you check how much the seller is charging for shipping.
It may be a cheesy gift, but it's still a cool one, and makes for a neat stocking stuffer.
I'm sure you loved them when you were a kid, so why not pick one up for your kids?
Age Recommendation:
Pins could fall out if the Pin-Art is dropped, so I can not recommend this to young children who may put a pin in his/her mouth.

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