Monday, July 28, 2014

Neatest USB Christmas Gifts for the Office Geek

Christmas is on my mind, and due to the fact that I hate shopping during the hectic high traffic holiday shopping months of November and December, I browse the internet for gifts that can be sent straight to my house. This saves me a lot of time, energy, and bumper scratches which I would normally get in mall parking lots this time of year. While seeking out practical, yet cheap gifts for friends and family, I came across a few things that I had to buy for myself. The USB Desk Vacuum, and the USB Retro Fan.
What the heck is USB?
This is basically an ac outlet on your laptop or desktop. There is no easier way to put it. You have a computer? Then you have a USB plug.
These small gadgets are designed to be plugged into these USB plugs. Once plugged in they can actually preform small tasks while you look cool.
The Retro Fan:
This USB gadget is probably the cutest USB fan I have ever seen being sold. This sucker...or shall I say blower... (tee-hee) comes with a 45" USB chord. When you plug it in the small retro fan actually works. The small blade will release enough air to keep you cool on hot summer days when the boss is too cheap to turn on the air conditioner.
The USB Retro Fan is made of silver-tone plastic.
It's too cute to pass up. It would make an awesome stocking stuffer for that loved one who is stuck in a cubicle at work. The price for this little guy comes to $14.99.
The USB Desktop Vacuum:
This is the great gusto in USB gadgets, and by far the coolest USB gadget I have ever come across, besides the Retro Fan. Not only is the Desktop Vacuum adorable and retro, but it also preforms a task.
This mini sucker actually collects small crumbs, dust, and dirt that accumulates on your work desk.
Just plug it into the computers USB, turn it on, and suck it up. I'm not sure how well this little guy works when it comes to sucking things up..but who cares. It is just too cute and unique to pass up.
Again this USB Desktop Vacuum would make for a perfect gift for office workers....and bosses. I plan on buying one for myself, and one for my boss...with a hidden meaning behind it. 'You Suck!' 'Clean up your act'. Tee-hee. Kidding.
The USB Desktop Vacuum comes in a brown and beige color. The vacuum itself is made of plastic. It had a movable handle so it can go from upright to flat (for those hard to reach under the keyboard places)
The 45" chord can also be wrapped around a small latch on the vacuum for a more realistic look while it is not in use. The USB Vacuum comes to $19.99.
Where Can I Buy Them?
You can pick up both the Retro Fan, and the Desktop Vacuum at

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