Friday, July 25, 2014

Download & Upload Themes for a Sidekick LX: Guide 10 Easier Steps for Uploading Themes on the LX

When I first got my Sidekick LX I wanted to download free themes onto my sidekick LX as soon as humanly possible. I figured it would be easy, everything would be plug and play. I'd find what I wanted, and wallah, I'd upload it to my phone with ease. However from what I gathered off of the internet, nothing worked. I followed the directions given to me from other users without missing a beat, but hot dammit still, nothing worked. I'm sure you yourself have run into the same issues. You followed the directions given to you from someone off of the internet; possibly a you tube video, or a step by step guide in a forum... and still you can't seem to get those themes uploaded for use on your LX right? Well I discovered a way to do it that no one told me about. I figured this one out on my own, 5 hours after wanting to rip hair from my skull that is. It's simple, just follow these directions.

1. First go find a theme. There are websites you can download from. Do a google search for Sidekick LX themes. I usually download off of

2. Pick your theme, there are a ton to choose from. Then hit download. DO NOT SAVE TO FILE. Just hit OPEN!!!!
3. Now that the file is downloads, but not saved (only opened), plug in your Sidekick LX's USB plug to your PC, and to the phone.

4. Wait for your LX's folders to load up.

5. In the Open View Me Folder (should be at the bottom) you should have 2 folders inside of this folder. You will make a third folder by left clicking your mouse. Choose, create NEW FOLDER.
Label this folder Themes.
Now unplug your phone from the PC, and wait a few moments.

6. Plug phone back into PC, and wait for it to load up again. Go back into the folder where you have saved your Themes Folder, and open it by clicking it. It should be empty.

7. Drag the open file you downloaded from the internet into the theme folder. Wait for it to upload, and then unplug your Sidekick LX from the PC.

8. Wait a few moments for the phone to recognize it.

9. Next, go back to your Sidekick LX, and hit the upper left square key and look for the Backgrounds file. Go into that, and you should now have a new file labeled Imported. Here you should find your downloaded theme.

10. You can only download one theme at a time. Uploading more than one at a time won't work. One at a time!!! It's annoying, but the process is easy once you get the hang of it.

Hopefully this has helped. It took me hours to figure it out, with numerous attempts. This worked on my Windows Vista laptop, and my XP PC. S hopefully it works for you too.

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