Friday, July 25, 2014

The Best Websites for Sidekick LX Owners, and Those Wanting a Sidekick LX

I have been in the market for a Sidekick LX for quite some time now, and during my quest to buying the phone I first wanted to check out my options. I wanted to see what the phone had to offer, read reviews and find websites that offered cool skins for the phone. I also wanted a discount.

I had seen a bunch of folks selling this promotional code on, and figured...well hell, if they have this magical code, then obviously it exists on the internet. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?
Promotional Codes!!!!! Find Them For Free!!!!
So I went hunting for the promo code. I wanted my Sidekick LX for $50.00...hell yes, and I didn't want to pay some ebay dude $10.00 for the information. With my endless search I came across a forum where not only was I able to find the promotional code, but I also was able to find tons of tricks, tips, and helpful information on the Sidekick LX.

Click here to access this gnarly forum.

So now I had my sweet phone for $50.00... what next?
I Want New Themes!!!!
Ah yes, themes. I want themes for my phone. I want to be unique, and cool, and all of that good stuff. So I found some themes... Did I say 'some' themes? I meant to say, I found a slew of themes.

Click here to access a huge library of downloadable themes for your Sidekick LX.

Skins Anyone?
Now I'm feeling cool. I got my theme, and now I want skins. I want to go the extra mile and add a skin to match my chosen theme. This website I'm about to give you is by far the coolest site, and cheapest site when it comes to Sidekick LX skins. Not only can you create your own PERSONAL skin, but you can also choose skins from the sites library of photos.

I preferred making my own. Sweet, sweet results! Click here for cheap $6.99 skins. Why spend more?
A Little Protection Please!
Okay, so you have your super sweet custom skin, but you feel that you want a little more protection for your sweet little number of a phone. Why not go and purchase a shield protection case at this website?

For those who haven't yet purchased a Sidekick LX, I'm not here to make your decision for you. But I will say that before jumping into purchasing the phone, definitely check out online reviews on the phone.

You can look at neat video reviews on Youtube, or by doing a google search on the Sidekick LX.
Hope this all helped, and for those who already own the phone, enjoy!!!!

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