Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dry Hair? - Here's Your Cure

I dye my hair about once per month, and with my tendency to change the color of my hair it takes quite a toll. However I never suffer from dry or brittle hair like most would if they were to do the same thing.

My cure is basically sticking to hair care products that I know work. They will also work on hair that is already really dry. My little handbook of miracle cures for dry hair is as follows:

1. A mayonnaise masque is a must for those with severe dry hair. Adding mayonnaise to your hair is disgusting, and it smells pretty grizzly for a few days, but it will surely add a ton of moisture to those suffering with extreme dry hair.

You can make the mayonnaise masque yourself at home. On dry hair saturate your hair with the white stinky stuff, and wrap a plastic bag over your head. Leave it on for about an hour, and rinse it very, very well.

Don't just quit after you do the mayonnaise masque. There are other products that you are going to want to invest in as well.

2. Nexxus Moisturizing Conditioner is another must have hair product if your hair is parched. This fantastic conditioner will add a ton of moisture to you hair, and leave it looking very, very shiny and healthy. If your hair is really dry, use the conditioner as a masque.

Saturate your dry hair in the conditioner, and place a plastic bag on your head for up to 30 minutes, then rinse.

3. Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream is another product you should check out if you have severely dry hair. It is very thick, and feels a little gross in your hair. It will also leave behind a weighed down feeling to your hair, but this stuff will do wonders or those of you with very dry hair.
4. You can also create your own leave-in-conditioner to add moisture to dry locks.

I use an empty spray bottle and add a few drops of my favorite moisturizing conditioner (Nexxus), I then add water and a very small dab of hot oil into the bottle. I then shake and use it as a leave in moisturizer. This make it yourself leave in, will last for months and will keep hair as healthy as possible throughout the day.

5. Infusium 23 is another leave in moisturizer that will keep hair healthy, moisturized, and what I personally love about Infusium 23 is how delicious it leaves my hair smelling throughout the day.
6. A weekly treatment using V05 Hot Oil Moisturizing Weekly Intense Treatments is also recommended. I use this stuff about once a month and the result is wonderful, and lasting. Those with very dry hair though should keep up with weekly treatments for a quicker cure.

Dry hair sucks, but it comes with the package of over processing hair; dyeing it too much, or using high heat tools on hair too often. You can still do all of these things and avoid dried out hair though; so long as you keep up with taking care of your hair. That is honestly the best advice I can give. If you use heat tools, or dye your hair often, you absolutely must keep your hair healthy in order to avoid looking like you got struck by lightning.

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