Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Celebrities with Short Hair - Hot or Not?

Cutting hair short can sometimes be a tough decision; we tend to look at celebrities with recent short cuts, and we too want to sport the same look. However, these celebrities have hair stylists to maintain the short look, because believe it or not, styling short hair is just as hard (if not harder) to deal with as long hair.

I decided to compile a list of celebrities who sported the short chopped look better than any other.

1. Nicole Richie
Although Nicole has longer hair now, no one really took her seriously till she stepped out wearing a really classy short cut. With this look Nicole went from being an immature child, to a full blown beautiful woman. Who would have though short hair could do so much?! Check out Nicole's short hair style. Simply stunning wouldn't you say?

2. Christina Ricci
Yikes! Although I simply adore Christina Ricci, the moment she stepped out on to the carpet sporting her extremely short bob cut, people nearly gagged. Her round head is not the right shape to pull off this look. Click to view Christina's worst look to date. Some of you may like the playful cut, but personally I think it looks terrible.

3. Wynonna Ryder
This beauty has always looked good with short hair. In fact when she's sporting longer locks she tends to look chunkier than she really is. Click to view Wynonna's short locks.

4. Shannyn Sossamon
I did not even know who Shannyn Sossamon was till I saw her with her beautiful mole, and gorgeous short pixie hair cut. Ever since seeing this babe in Catacombs, I have been a fan. Click to view Shannyn Sossamon's short chopped locks.

5. Halle Berry
Halle has always looked her best when sporting short hair. View this stunner's photos here.

6. Rumer Willis

Yah, yah, yikes! When we all caught glimpses of Rumer sporting a badly blond short cut we all puked in our mouths. Never again Rumer! Never again! Click to view Rumer's not so flattering photo.

7. Katie Holmes
I never thought Katie Holmes would look good with short hair, but after she got the signature bob cut I have looked at this beauty in a whole new light. It brought out her face, and Katie looked glowing. She knows it too, because she has maintained this look on her, and her daughter Suri.
8. Drew Barrymore
No matter what hair color, or style Drew Barrymore is sporting, her hair looks fantastic. I personally love her with short chopped curly hair, as seen in this photo.
9. Paris Hilton
Paris has long hair one day, and short hair the next. We know she has a love for weaves, but seriously I think Paris looks 10 years older than her age. Instead of looking 20 something in this photo, Paris looks 30 something.

10. Jennifer Aniston
This beauty was known for creating the trend of long pin straight hair, and when she chopped it off, people were stunned! Although it looks great, we still prefer Jen with long straight locks.

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