Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ghost Adventures Live Controversy, Did Robert Bess Throw the Meter?

I had to Tivo Ghost Adventure Live the other night. Although I think Zak is hot, and Aaron and Nick to be adorable, I could not sit through 7 hours of investigation.

Since the Live event aired, I have been catching parts of the event in 2 hour intervals, and finally finished the entire thing last night.

One scene in particular bothered me though, and this one scene has been the center of controversy ever since it aired live on TV.

Robert Bess a third party investigator came in with his Parabot. Basically this thing is a huge dangerous contained lightning machine. Sadly I couldn't really get the gist of what it did, because everyone kept talking at the same time, so I only got a brief understanding of Roberts invention.

Basically it attracts spirits.

Now nothing against the Ghost Adventures team, again they are without a doubt my favorite team of investigators to watch. They are all easy on the eyes, and all have personalities that are easily likable.
When Robert Bess came in though with his parabot, I was excited to see how it would work. After a blunder and equipment failure, the parabot was finally up and running. It had an annoying click, click noise like one of those lightning balls you can buy in stores like Spencer's.

Anyhow, quickly the energy in the room is high, but I can't feel energy through the TV, so I have to just take their word for it. I have no problem swallowing that and I trust the Ghost Adventure crew, but something about Robert Bess just did not rub me the right way, nor did anything that happened with him seem credible.

Bess seemed to get attacked and pushed into a door, when the camera was not near him. That easily could have been staged.

Another incident where Zak hears a scream moan type noise, clearly was Bess, (I could tell by the voice), however when Zak asked, he does not take credit for making the noise.

The worst thing to unfold with Robert though was when an EMF meter gets thrown from his hand. Thanks to Tivo though, after reviewing the footage, over, and over again it seemed to me like he did a quick snap of the wrist, and flung the meter himself. I mean honestly, you do not even have to have a good eye to catch the flick of the wrist action.

At any rate, this footage is found on numerous YouTube videos, so you can have a look and decide for yourself. For me personally, it looks like he threw it.

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