Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Hills, Season 6 Episode 4 Recap

In all honesty this episode of The Hills (season 6, episode 4) was so bland, and so over edited that the 'reality stars' felt like bad actors. Dialog seems like it was being read off a prompter, and I couldn't swallow a single segment of it.

However there are fans, and fans await my usual weekly recaps of The Hills, so without further downsizing. Here we go.

This week we are thrown into some sort of party that is being either thrown for or hosted by Heidi's Bolthouse boss. They never really show Heidi at work anymore, which sort of sucks...but hey, we can watch girls at work on The City, so I assume MTV figures its not needed on The Hills.

Anyway at the event the camera is focused on targeting Holly, Heidi's sister who seems to have gotten a buzz on alcohol. Holly dances like a moron, makes a fool of herself, yet seems like she is having a happy fake pissed off time. Really not sure how to label her display.

Because of this random display of retarded, Spencer, Heidi and Stephanie decide Holly has a drinking problem... thus this weeks drama.

Meanwhile back at Kristen's make believe home, we open scene to Justin in her kitchen. Yes folks, on this season of The Hills it seems that anyone and everyone has access to Kristen's pad. I mean recently we saw the bartender Stacie in her house, which seemed so staged and unannounced.

Justin is cooking her breakfast, after some fake 'lets just get our paychecks' dialog we learn that Justin never cooked anyone breakfast, and that he is sorry for not showing up or calling her when he was out of town. Oh so mysterious! Yawn...

In another scene Brody and Kristen are hanging out and gossiping about Jade. Its clear that the scene was thrown in there to make it appear that Kristen and Brody will eventually, in the future, get it on. Yawn.

Next we have Audrina meeting with Justin's pal Derek, where he asks her if she is over Justin. She says she is, yet moments later we are taken to a scene where once again she is smitten with him, when he tells her no other girl will ever be as good as Audrina Patridge. How sleazily charming.
The scene skips on back to a small intervention that is probably the lamest piece of The Hills history ever. Spencer and Heidi meet with Holly to confront her about her drinking, and Holly says its time to give it up.

According to sneak peeks into next weeks episode though, the make believe intervention was all a scam just to shut them up.

Oh and yes, Spencer is still pretending to be a cowboy. Yech.

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