Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey Freaky Girl Are Meeting Your Boyfriends Parents This Upcoming Holiday? Tips on What to Wear

The first time I was to meet up with my boyfriends parents was during their family Christmas party. Although I knew him rather well, we were new to dating, and I wanted to make a good impression. At the same time though I wanted to be myself, without feeling uncomfortable around them. I wanted them to like me for me, and I am a unique person. During my family holiday parties I usually arrive with Christmas lights on my head, and glitter on my body. I like sticking out, I like being unique, it's just part of who I am.

I wondered though if being myself so soon around his family would have them thinking I were some kind of weirdo, a freak even.

I knew I had to dress down, but I didn't want to make it so I did not feel like me. If I were uncomfortable around them, likely they would be uncomfortable around me, and a relationship would be harder to establish.

Most of my jeans were skin tight, so I knew I had to pass on the jeans. I also knew most of my shirts were skin tight with freaky sayings on them, holes, or glitter logos.

I knew I had to shop for something different, something more casual, but dressy at the same time.
I went with a pair of black dress slacks, and a simple red sweater with a long flowing turtle neck. It looked festive, I was comfortable, and the bright blood red color of the sweater was me, without being the overboard unique me.

If you are naturally a creative person, and you will be meeting the boyfriends parents this upcoming holiday, skip out on the skimpy clothing, and leave the cute doll house shoes at home. Although you may not under-dress normally make sure you look presentable.

When it comes to makeup, keep things as you normally would, just tone it down a bit. If you are heavy on the eyeliner normally, then tone it down a bit by adding only a small amount of it. If you are one who likes bold colors, tone it down to more neutral colors. When doing your makeup though, make sure your usual style shines through but not as drastically.

If you are one who wears a ton of bracelets, necklaces and facial piercings, remove them all. You can leave a few small pieces that are your favorites, and possibly a nose ring, other than that though skip out on the rest.

The rule is to basically dress comfortably, without diminishing your actual fashion sense. You don't want to go overboard in the normal department because eventually you will see more of them, and you cannot become something you are not every time you see them. You want people to like you for who you are, not for what you wear.

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