Monday, July 21, 2014

Creative Winter Hairstyles for Women with Short Hair

Last spring I chopped off all of my long hair, as much as I missed my long locks, having short hair allowed me to create some fun styles that I never would have thought of before.

One look includes pulling the hair to the side and tying it together with a small hair tie. This look not only kept the hair out of my face, but it was also cute. You can also do this by pulling a small amount of hair to the side and clipping it with a hair clip or barrette. You could also leave it loose as seen here in this photograph.
For holiday flair you could use a holiday themed clip such as a holly leaf, a bow-tie, or even a candy cane hair clip. For a more formal clip use a snowflake garnished with small rhinestones for sparkly formal flair.

Another simple look includes pulling back the middle section of your hair and clipping it back with a holiday themed clip, or a hair scrunchy that contain red and white stripes.

If you have really short hair you could always spike it with some gel and water, and then top it off with some glitter hair spray. The glitter hair spray is more a teen thing, but hey, creativity has no age limits.
For some really creative ideas you could always make your own clips and bows. Adding small craft bells to red and green ribbon, and you can create scrunchies, hair ties, and head bands. Some super strong craft glue can get your creative juices flowing, and you'll also save yourself a ton of cash making your own accessories.

Another fun accessory I use every Christmas holiday are battery operated mini lights. They usually sell in any CVS store or drug store for around $2.00. A 2 foot long string of mini lights come attached to a battery box that you can tuck in you back jeans pocket, or bra strap. It's small, comfortable, and when you click the lights on people are amazed. Some just stare! Yeah, they are just mad they didn't think of it first.
For short hair these mini lights can be wrapped around a hair tie, or woven into a small braid or bun. If you have the time you can punch the lights through a head band made of fabric. This allows the lights to stick up giving you a halo like effect.

If you have shoulder length short hair you could always use Bump Its to heighten the look of your hair. Bump Its will add a nice flattering bump to your style, and they will give your hair added body. This is especially nice if you have thinner flat hair. Click to view Bump Its.

To get extra creative try and get your earrings and necklace to match the holiday theme. Snowflake earrings, candy cane earrings, and so on, are all nice festive ways to really make yourself stand out, in a creative way. Also add some glitter snow colored eye shadow and you'll look like the snow queen.

In order to stick out in a creative way during the holidays everything must mesh in together. If you want things simple, keep them simple. If you want creativity without being tacky keep trying out different styles till something works.

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