Sunday, July 20, 2014

Holiday Gift Giving Ideas for Your Nerdy, but Cool Teen! So Geeky that it is Cool!!!

I'm a nerd, and have no problem admitting it. I like gadgets, and everything and anything that's geeky. Judge all you want, I'm so geeky that it is cool.

When people tell me that they always have a hard time buying Christmas gifts for me, I'm baffled, because I like anything and everything that involves technology. Like most geeks, ages 1 to 100, technology is what's on our wish lists first and foremost.

I compiled a list of must have gifts for teen geeks and nerds alike. Gifts that I, even at my age, wouldn't mind seeing under the Christmas tree this year. in particular is a geeks wet dream. This website features gadgets galore, and everything they sell is designed with geeks in mind.

One of the most wanted items on the site has to be, hands down the Personal Soundtrack T-Shirt that you can program to play your own personal soundtracks. For instance while walking down the street, you can push a button and play whatever sound you install. I would prefer the Austin Powers soundtracks just for kicks.

You have the option to store up to 20 different soundtracks into the Soundtrack Shirt. Click here to view, and to see a video of how the shirt works.

Besides this gnarly bodacious Tee, you can also pick up interactive shirts that will allow you to play the drums on your chest, or play the guitar.

Another really neat Tee available is the Wi-Fi Detector Tee. This shirt will let you know when you are in range of Wi-Fi which is a true geeks must have. This tee will let the wearer, and those around them known when they are within range of a signal. It will also show by an indication of bars that light up, how strong the signal is. I think anyone who has to tow a laptop around with them would appreciate this nifty shirt. is another website that you will want to check out for some of the most extremely bizarre, yet awesome geeky gadgets.

A bubble solution capable of allowing you to blow bubbles up to 3 feet in diameter? Check, they have it!

A fire bell alarm clock capable of waking up the dead? Check, it's for sale!

A staple free stapler? Yep, they have that too.

This site is definitely one you will not want to skip, especially if you are having a hard time finding something for your geeky teen this year.

Other high end must have gifts for your teen geek or nerd include Tivo HD, especially if your little geek lover already has an HDTV. If not consider a smaller sized HDTV for their bedroom as their main gift.
Buying for geeky teens is not a very hard task, if it blinks, or lights up, odds are they are going to love it, no matter how bizarre it may seem to you.

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