Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recap of the Hills, Season 6, Episode 7 On to the Next

So fans of The Hills, if you caught last nights season 6, episode 7 (On To The Next), than kudos. The lame little bar kitty, kitty, meow, meow, meow face off between Kristen and Jayde is probably as good as it is going to get as far as drama goes.

For those of you who missed it, fear not. I'm back for another weekly recap.

Let's start with Spencer and Heidi.

Heidi once again is yammering on about how she wants to have a baby with Spencer. Spencer compares the dogs he got for her birthday to babies, and bing, bang, badda, boo. The baby issue is still up in the air. Heidi wants to get busy immediately, while Spencer wants to wait.

Later on Spencer decides to go see a doctor in order to get his man parts snipped. After he finds out the procedure is irreversible, he leaves and tells Heidi about it later on. She huffs, puffs, walks away and likely will get her baby rather quickly after this episode. If she's not already knocked up that is.

Skip to Kristen.
Kristen and Brody are out having dinner. Kristen seems keen on the whole Brody and Kristin sittin' in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g game. She knows though that he and Jayde are on a break, and she tells him that she is afraid to be in a relationship with him because she thinks he will hurt her and get back with Jayde.

While sitting cozily at a club with one another, Jayde walks in and catches Brody with his arm around Kristen. Jayde's posse tells her that she needs to go up to them and confront them. She takes their advice and walks over to both Brody and Kristen wearing her fight face and asks Brody 'What the F*&@ he is doing!'
I'm not sure how it all happened, but before we know it the camera is going batty, and we see that Kristen is trying to act tough by spatting obscenities at Jayde, and Jayde is doing the same thing. I wish that no one held them back, I would have liked to of seen who would have taken who. I'm pretty sure Kristen wouldn't of had a chance in hell against Jayde.

After the showdown with Jayde, Brody tells Kristen that he and Jayde are over, and he will never ever get back with her again.

On to Audrina.
Audrina meets with Lo and tells her that she is meeting with Justin for dinner. Audrina seems to think that he and her are back on good terms. She tells Lo without officially telling her that she is basically obsessed with him. Obviously she is and God only knows why.
Anyhow, she meets up with Justin where the dinner did not go quite as planned.

Justin is his usual dirt-bag self and pretty much goes on about how he thinks her meeting up with his best friend Derek was some sort of pay back for all the things he had done to her in the past.

The entire conversation seemed like nothing more than a power control issue to get Audrina to feel bad for doing him wrong. Please, the girl righteously deserves a lifetime amount of 'free passes' to do whatever she wants, with whomever she wants. Justin can go out and be a sleaze, and she's supposed to sit back and just accept that. Whatever.
Justin adds more salt and lemon juice to the wound by telling Audrina that Kristen did something to him (like what, MTV offered you more money to play with her?). Basically he is trying to get Audrina to believe he is smitten with Kristen.

Audrina gets up, leaves him there alone and walks out before dinner even starts. Good! Hopefully this will be her last walk of shame.

Next weeks episode looks pretty boring. Basically from the previews MTV gave us, it seems that Brody is going to get back with Jayde. It also shows us Kristen airing her voice-mail she got from Justin to the bar girl Stacie while sitting on a couch. Unfortunately after rewinding the part with Justin's voice-mail about 10 times, I was not able to decipher what he was saying, which was frustrating.

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