Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Become an Alien in the Sims 2

Becoming an alien in the Sims 2 is probably the first thing owners of the original Sims 2 title wanted to accomplish. Aliens were first an addition in the Sims 1 game, but in the original game it was so random that even though I put in hours of game time into it, I only accomplished having an alien in the Sims 1 once! The occurrence never happened again, no matter how many hours I made my Sims look through the telescope.

In The Sims 2, it is also extremely rare and random, but if you work hard enough at it, you will quickly have little green martian Sims running around your town. Rare yes, but not as rare as the original game was when it came to obtaining alien Sims.

First and foremost you will want to create a male Sim with a knowledge aspiration. You could also create a female, however it is so much funner watching a male Sim have to give birth. Hehe!

After you have your knowledge Sim in check, create your home, and be sure to include a telescope. You can buy the cheap telescope, or the expensive one, it does not matter which.

You will want to set your telescope up outside.

At 7pm to 2am have your male Sim gaze through the telescope. The odds are very slim, so you will want to repeat this daily until finally you see a beam of light heading toward your Sim in the distance. It pops up and looks at your Sim in the distance, and then it will quickly zoom over to where you are standing.

Once the spaceship is hovering over your Sim it will then suck him up through the beam! Yup, your Sim has just been abducted. Your Sim will vanish for a few hours and you can watch his needs bars go up and down crazily until eventually the spaceship comes back and dumps him home.

A funny scene where the Sim is rubbing his butt will play after he lands on the ground. Obviously he has been probed!

Although it is not 100% certain if your Sim is pregnant with alien life, you will get the early signs if pregnancy has occurred if he keeps running to the bathroom to throw up.

If your Sim is pregnant he will be pregnant just like a regular female Sim. His belly will grown, and he will eventually give birth to a green little Sim alien.

This is the only way to get an alien Sim into your Sims 2 game. It is pretty easy.

Basically if you spend enough time looking through the telescope, eventually extraterrestrial life will come and pay you a visit, and perhaps, just perhaps will impregnate your Sim with their alien seed!

 You do not need to have a Sim have the knowledge aspiration, but it helps make the abduction occurrence more probable.

Alien Sims really do not posses anything special. They will be born with green skin and pinkish purple colored eyes. Besides this though, they don't have any supersim powers. They are just a cool addition to the game, that sci-fi lovers will appreciate.

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