Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mexican Playboy: December 2008 Issue Cover Angers Catholic Officials Virgin Mary on Playboy

Playboy has always been considered the classier of nudie magazines, however this month Mexican Playboy's December 2008 issue has raised a major controversy for thousands of Catholics, as well as catholic officials in Mexico.

The reason?
Well according to many, the Mexican Playboy cover model Maria, seems to resemble the image of Virgin Mary.

After viewing the Mexican Playboy cover I have to say that yes, I can see a similar resemblance, but honestly had someone not pointed it out to me, I'd not even of noticed the resemblance. In all reality I would have actually thought it resembled a Muslim woman about to take of her religious garments. In no way did I actually even think of Virgin Mary till the news spread like poison ivy.

Then when I took a closer look, I noticed the church like stain glassed windows behind the model...and I have to say that by that one small addition in the photograph it looks like a nun about to get down and dirty.

Playboy naturally denied that the image by stating it was supposed to 'reflect a Renaissance like mood'.
However I think the one vital mistake was not only the stained glass windows, but the quote that you can spot right on the cover. "Te Adoramos, Maria". Now when this is translated in English it actually means 'We love you Mary'. The models name though, is Maria.

My thoughts on this whole controversy is that it was completely disgusting and wrong for Mexican Playboy to go this far. Catholics are calling this image blasphemy, and I can't say I don't disagree.

Usually I am always rooting for the one being accused, and the one having the finger pointed at them when large controversial issues arises, but in this case...I'm actually on the side of those offended, and by no means am I a religious freak; however I can definitely see where they are coming from, and why they are pissed.

At any rate, Playboy has apologized for the image, and likely this issue alone will sell more copy's than any other issue has. Playboy is selling souls to stay on top. So sad.

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