Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Make Your Own Long Arm Sand Scoop for Metal Detectors for Under $40

Metal detecting can be an expensive hobby. You have to weigh in the cost of the detector itself, and then the cost of tools you will need in order to really make the most of your hobby.

I am new to the hobby, and was told by another metal detecting enthusiast that using my hand held sand scoop was too time consuming, and energy draining. He recommended a long arm sand scoop, or water scoop, this way I would not have to bend down to dig every time I got a hit.

I thought about it, and figured he was right. After checking out the price of long arm sand scoops though, I was more than disgusted. The detector itself was $600, so there was no way I was looking to spend another $150, on a long arm sand scoop.

Granted I could buy a mesh scoop for less, I hear that you cannot use your foot to dig if the basket was mesh.

I already had a really decent hand held sand scoop, so I decided to improvise.

Why not just add a frigging long arm attachment to the hand held scoop? Yeah, exactly! Why not!?

Well that was exactly what I did, and can you believe I put together my $35.00 rig and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Step 1:
First you will need a hand held sand scoop. Some people make their own, but frankly, the scoop is only $10.00, so why bother with drilling holes in metal, when you can buy a hand held basket for $10.00, and save yourself a ton of time drilling holes in metal.

You can purchase any scoop here at this website. Just be sure to not buy the mesh ones. The Treasure Sand Scoop model that sells for $16.95 is most similar to the one I used. The RTG Pro Hand Scoop is another model that you may want to consider.

After you have chosen your sand scoop, you will now need 2 U-Bolts, and 2 Metal Cable Ties, and of course a painters extension pole.

I bought the one you see in my photos at Home Depot for $25.00. It is neat because it allows me to adjust how long I want the pole. The 4 foot extender is more than enough.

Step 2:
Place your pole on the outside of the sand scoops back area. And place your U-Bolt around the pole, and through 2 of the sand scoops holes. Now tighten the bolts as tight as you can.

Place the next U-Bolt a little bit below the first one for a nice tight solid grip.

Step 3:
Next take your cable wire and run it through a hole in the sand scoop, and around the pole. If you have a long cable tie, wrap it around twice for a really strong hold.

Repeat with the other cable tie.

A long arm sand scoop for metal detecting that is durable, and cheap. Pat yourself on the back, you just saved yourself over $120, and it will work just as good as a high end model would. I have used mine in the water, and on the sand with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

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