Thursday, July 24, 2014

If You Love the Hills, Lauren Conrad, You Should Check Out Ashley Leggat! A Lauren Conrad Look Alik

I know what you are all thinking, who the hell is Ashley Leggat? I never heard this name before...who is she? What does she have to do with Lauren Conrad?

I didn't even know who the girl was either till just recently. I was channel surfing, and came across a girl who looked just. like. Lauren. Conrad! Nearly to the tee. I thought it was her, so I stopped and began watching the show.

Turned out it was not my beloved LC, but hot damn, this girl looked just like her, a clone, a twin, a cousin?
I had to look it up online to figure out who this girl was!

The name I came up with was Ashley Leggat, and my God, the resemblance is uncanny, I think the only difference between Lauren Conrad, and Ashley Legatt is their noses. Lauren's nose is a cute punched in type of nose, and Ashley's has a very subtle bump on hers. However when the both of them are facing the camera head on, they look nearly identical!

Anyhow, we all know reality TV star, Lauren Conrad from The Hills, and from the hot reality series Laguna Beach. Ashley Legatt can be found on Disney channel on a quirky fun children's show called Life With Derek.
What is eerie about Life With Derek is the fact that many hair styles they have her character Casey (oddly it is heard as KC) use are the exact hair styles LC wears. Their hair is even dyed the same dirty blond with highlights! Its truly insane!

Although Ashely's Myspace page does not do her justice in resemblance, you can view it here. There are a few photos in her My Pics section that look like Lauren Conrad, a lot.
Besides that small collection of photos of Ashley Leggat on her Myspace page, I decided to pull up some other photos that make the two girls like like clones. Here is few more photos of Ashley looking JUST like Lauren Conrad.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Next I complied a list of photos of Lauren Conrad that resemble Ashley Leggat.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Although these photos do major justice, when you watch the actual Life With Derek show, starring Ashley Leggat, you will be amazed at how similar the two are, from the hair styles, to the facial expressions.

If you are a fan of Lauren Conrad, definitely check out Life With Derek. If you are a fan of Ashley Leggat, than you must tune in to the Hills to see the resemblance. It's pretty wild, weird, and interesting. Now... if someone would just pop a movie out with the two of them in it, that would be awesome!

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