Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 1, Episode 21: Art Museum Piece

Last night I got the opportunity to catch up on an episode of Wizards Of Waverly Place I had apparently missed, called Art Museum Piece (season 1, episode 21). Thank goodness for repeats baby!!!

In this particular episode, Alex is told by her art history teacher that if she misses the class field trip to the local art museum, she would fail the class and have to go to summer school. Seeing how the teacher does NOT want to have to go to summer school to teach (she wants a long awaited vacation) she makes it a point to tell her older brother Justin to make sure his sister is there! The teacher knows that if Alex fails, she herself will have to be her summer school teacher!

Seeing how missing the trip would cost Alex 30% of her grade and an absolute failing grade, she knows she has to attend no matter how badly she doesn't want to be there.

Earlier though she told her best friend Harper that she would help her sell homemade jewelry outside on the streets of Waverly on the same day that the class trip is scheduled.

Alex thinks though that she can manage to do both using a spell that can make her walk through things. While at the museum Alex walks out through a wall, and joins Harper on a sidewalk to help her sell the jewelery.

Once the sale ends though, Alex thinks she can just walk back into the museum without being caught. Little to her knowledge, during the trip the children were assigned a written exam. Seeing how the museum is about to close in just 5 minutes, Alex decides to bring some of the museums paintings out of their painting and into the real world to help her answer questions on the exam.

Things though, as usual, do not go as Alex originally planned, because the famous figures such as the Mona Lisa, and Van Gogh do not want to go back into their paintings, nor do they wish to help Alex with her exam. In fact they want nothing more than to escape the museum and be free from their portraits.

Once again Alex manages to get herself into quite a pickle, and she has just 5 minutes to try and fix it.

All in all this was a pretty good episode. It may not be one of my favorite episodes, but it definitely was a good one and had me laughing out loud during a few of the scenes.

The art pieces that come out of their paintings also all looked eerily realistic to the actual famous paintings, which was interesting to see. Art Museum Piece ended on a comical note that changes history (at least in the show it does). Without ruining the ending though... I will say that fans of the show, fans of historical art, and new viewers will enjoy this episode.
9 stars out of 10.

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