Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jersey Shore: Italy- Season Premiere Recap

Jersey Shore season premiers for the last 3 seasons have either started off with a bang, or a bring intro. This season our gang is flown to Italy to get more in touch with their Italian roots. Like every season, we begin with the cast members packing up and hoping to get into the new house before the others. The girls on one side, and the guys on another... we watch for a few moments as they sloppily race for their new abode. (Well maybe Deena was the only sloppy contestant in the race against who will get the best room to bunk in).

You will note a few changes to our past shameless cast. Snooki for instance looks as if she dropped a few pounds... with that said, a newly shaped body and a new drop dead beautiful boyfriend named Jionni. Go Snooks!!!

JWOW definitely looks like she could use a cheeseburger, or maybe she should start dining on some pizza pie in Italy. The gal dropped more weight than I was expecting to see. It almost looks borderline sickly...but whatev... JWOW has always taken my second place slot, right behind Snooks, for my favorite cast members.

My main man Pauly D should lay off the tanning bed, his age is showing prematurely, but eh, he is still the hotter, funnier male member in the house, so it's all good. Seriously though, lay off of it.
Mike The Situation is already brewing up trouble in the house, which is no shocker. He becomes aware that Snooki is in a relationship and immediately confides in Ron by telling him how he and Snooks hooked up while she was still with Jionni.

Later on out at the club he also tries kissing her, but she denies his advances....for now...

Sam and Ron sort of ignore one another the moment they encounter one another in the house. You can tell she is still in love with him, and he possibly has love for her, but the encounter is semi non-climatic, as they are now in official ex status. Single Ronnie is back though!

Vinnie is still just Vinnie... he sort of just belongs in RJ Berger. Nothing too climatic happened with him worth mentioning.

The first episode is basically nothing more than the cast settling into the new crib in Italy. They go to a club, Deena falls...and that is truly about it.

However at the end of our first showing we got a glimpse in what to expect from the season. Ron and Mike get into a fight, and Mike ends up being strolled out on a stretcher. Snooki gets mad at Mike for something and it's probably the most heated anger I've ever seen come out of our pint sized cutie...and MTV made it a point not to give us any glimpses at what happens between Sam and Ron... it likely is going to be good though!

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