Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jersey Shore: Italy- Episode 2 Recap

Last week we watched as Pauly D and Deena shared...uhm...probably the most disgusting looking kiss I had ever seen. Pauly however claimed she was a good kisser, even though his face told another tale.

In episode 2, we start off with Pauly explaining the down side to kissing Deena, and how he does not want her to get feelings for him if they were to sleep together. Deena swears it'll never happen, that she likes him just as a friend... but later on at the club when she spots him dancing with another girl, she encounters him with a "yo Pauly"...so clearly there was jealousy involved. Pauly was right in his assumptions that she would like him more than just a friend, seconds after she swore otherwise.

Anyhow, that following night, Deena attempts to wake Pauly up while he pretends to sleep. He doesn't shift, so she gives up at her failed hook up attempt and goes to bed. The scene cuts after Pauly opens his eyes after she leaves the room.

That afternoon the girls plan to cook dinner, but end up eating out instead, leaving the guys home to fend for themselves.

Snooki finally awakes from an all day long slumber, and joins them for some grub. Afterward though, she and her boyfriend have a small tiff over the phone. Mike of course is sitting nearby putting in his 2 cents about how much he cares for her, and how he thinks there are more feelings there then friendship. Snooks denies it, but does not push his grubby hand off of her leg.

Later on we sort of realize maybe she does like him, considering how jealous she got when he met some blond girl at the club, and how she kept comparing herself to Mikes hookup Brittany. "Is she prettier than me?" To Vinnie: "Would you pick me or her?" and the non-stop "that girl is ugly" certainly didn't help her situation in pretending she has no feelings for Mike.

Anyhow, we watch as Ron makes a phone call to a girl named Hannah, and invites her up to Italy. JWOW becomes aware of Hannah's future arrival to the house to be with Ron, but she does not have the heart to tell Sam yet.

At any rate, back at the club, Sam makes really stupid attempts at getting Ron to notice her. Oh gez, here we go again. He rejects her, and that is that. Back home though, she tries yet again to be with him, by telling him she misses him, she loves him, she misses him. Ron, as drunk as he is... rejects her yet again!!! Boo-yeah!!!

You gotta feel bad for her though... clearly there is some sort of chemical imbalance going on. Sigh. I gotta give it to her though this round, she was able to slightly maintain herself when she saw how Ron acted in single Ron mode.

The rest of the cast confronts her about it later, and she does manage to explain herself in some sense I suppose. There are feelings there, she cannot deny that. I get it... but they are just toxic for one another.
I'm excited though to see how she reacts when Hannah comes in for a visit. This should be interesting.
Anyhow, we leave off with Ronnie heading to bed looking confused and bothered by what Sam just whispered in his ear.

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