Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

So last week we ended off on a cat fight, with an expected,, for an ending. Basically we didn't get to find out who won the fight between Sam and JWOW until this week, and even still we are left scratching our heads.

MTV suggests that Sam wins the fight when the camera quickly pans to the floor to see a chunk of hair matching Jennie's color, however that could have simply been a weave piece, as we know she was legendary for adding them to her locks.

The fight however was lame, and I am growing more and more disappointed in JWOW, I mean does anyone remember her kicking a girls ass on first season after some random idiot called Snooki fat? I figured with JWOW was a beast, however she fights just as poorly as Sam. A missed punch, and a hair tug. Yawn.

After the fight, Snooki, JWOW, and the rest of the cast begin to discuss how nasty of a person Sam is.
We then pan into Sam and Ron who are outside on the porch sulking...well, Sam is sulking.
The following morning, everyone is just hoping that the fight is over and done with, and they make plans to go to the gym, tanning, and laundry. Ron of course bails, and tells Mike to stop calling there group a family. I agree.

At any rate, Ron gets up and goes to the gym with them, and naturally Sam follows, like his pathetic shadow. The girls who are heading out to the tanning salon are discussing how Sam is probably watching Ron's every move like a hawk. My assumption was that she watches him to make sure he is not looking at other girls, and it's pathetic and makes her look so desperate and insecure.

The gals are right, she is up his butt the whole time, and even his face looks frustrated in how controlling she is trying to be.

Once this is all said and done, the group is doing their first Sunday night dinner, and they are going on about how it is awkward that Sam and Ron didn't show up for it, and how it is the first dinner where they are all not together, and divided.

An onlooker knows this is all planned because of Sam, as the two are found eating alone at some beach bar.

When they get in, the tension is as thick as a winter coat, and Sam naturally sits down and hears how everyone was upset they missed the dinner, she tells them she could care less, thus nailing herself to the 'we cannot stand Sam' coffin even harder than she was already nailed to it.

The following day everyone makes plans to go to a carnival, and Ron and Sam follow along. This of course included Sam stalking Ron, and giving an attitude that she is being forced to have fun with 'these people'. He ignores her until a micro fight erupts, which in turns leads to them fighting back at home, where she again turns everything around on him by bringing up Miami. Someone needs a chill pill.
Granted what Ron did back in Miami was disgusting, it's past history, and if she would just let the past die in the past, she'd maybe move on, but no.

The fight ends up with her crying, and Ron cussing her out. Granted I seen it coming, as she probably deserved it for being such a brat, we leave off on that note, not knowing what will happen. Signs point to a breakup though, and soon.

So to cap up this weeks Jersey Shore episode, we have Ron and Sam pouting and sulking. More so Sam, and Ron is just a victim of her circumstances...we have Vinny and Mike trying to sleep with the same girl, Vinny ends up being the trophy winner that night though, if you would call that chick trophy worthy that is...Vinny is also stalked out in a club by a grenade who cannot seem to leave him alone, and JWOW, Snooki and the newbie all sort of just roll together as a mass. Pauly is just Pauly and nothing significant happens with him in this weeks episode.

Once again MTV is focusing too much on the SamRon drama. Enough is enough though with the two of them sulking in bed, we saw way too much of that garbage last season.

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