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Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 3 Recap

I usually catch Jersey Shore on a Thursday night, but to my surprise they had aired episode 3 on Monday. I am sure everyone who caught episode 2 got pretty excited with the sneak peeks into episode 3, where you watch some cops hauling Snooki away.

Episode 3 of Jersey Shore starts of with Sam and Ron having a fight, more of the insecure Sam, more of the false accusations, and more of her insanity becomes obvious with each passing episode. This particular argument got pretty heated, and Ron ends up ending the fight with yelling, screaming and walking away, while everyone else downstairs eaves drops on the argument.

What was it over?
Well the second Sam sees Ron she starts off by saying she knows what he did. It was like a reverse psychology sort of tactic, where if she claims she knows what he did, maybe he will come clean. However he did not do anything, and the fight just keeps going from there. Clearly she does not trust him out of her sight, so why she is with him is beyond me.

Anyhow, JWOW is having similar issues with her boyfriend, who is back home not calling her. When she calls him, he gives her an attitude and tells her he has a new girlfriend because his never calls him. The phone tiff ends fast though, as she ends the conversation. Clearly that's another relationship heading to the dumps.

Fast Forward to work day. Pauly, Sam and Snooki are all scheduled to work together at the tee shirt shop, where believe it or not, Sam apologizes to Snooki for being bitchy to her, and the two end up making amends. Back home though Sam still has JWOW and Deena to apologize to, and at this point we do not know if she is going to try to patch things up with them yet.

Low and behold, once the work day ends, Sam does go home and patch things up with Deena. Upstairs in the bedroom though, Deena comes to Snooki to tell her that Jennie is going to be mad that everyone patched things up with Sam, and that Deena has JWOW's back over Sam's because she was nice to her from the get go. Clearly we may have future issues with all of this, but at this rate it is anyone's guess. My guess would be that Sam and Jennie make up in due time.

That night everyone goes out clubbing, including Ron and Sam, and finally Sam seems somewhat happy. Deena manages to get kicked out of the club no less than 5 minutes into arriving. Apparently she fell off a table and was too drunk to continue to party.

Snooki is not far behind, she ends up on the floor a few times, yet never is escorted out.

Meanwhile JWOW runs into an old friend whom she is trying to pick up in a sense. She is still mad about the way her boyfriend is acting, so she decides tonight is the night to do her, and not worry about him. That comes to a quick ending when she discovers the guy she is trying to hook up with has a girlfriend. Gross!
JWOW ends up finding Snooki and the two make their way upstairs to a private VIP lounge. JWOW then does the unthinkable, I mean probably the most disgusting thing that the show has yet to deliver. She has to go to the bathroom, so she goes behind the bar and pisses. She then takes some water from the bar tap to spray it so it does not smell. I nearly threw up. Nasty is an understatement.

Back downstairs Pauly recognizes his stalker from season 1. The girl who would not stop following him, and acting like they were going to get married. The nut job who made him a shirt. Yeah, that one. No words are exchanged, but she does end up walking by and splashing beer in his face. Never saw that coming!

The following day:
Snookers is back on the clock...

We get to watch on and come to the conclusion that Snooki should be on Dr. Dews rehab show, as the girl clearly has a drinking problem. First and foremost she came to work still hung over from the night before, and the first thing on her mind during her shift is to drink. She manages to pop a beer (why is beer even in the shop?) but gets busted by the boss. She then tells him she wants to go get coffee, and instead hits up a bar and has some shots.

I am not sure if she is still on the clock at this point, but she is wandering around boardwalk with her froggy slippers on still, and clearly she is hammered. Oddly enough she runs into Deena and JWOW who were heading out for some coffee. They never get their coffee, because the scene that unravels next stops them, and they are no attempting to get Snooki home before she gets arrested.
Snooki runs off down boardwalk looking for the beach. JWOW and Deena follow her, and have to stop her from going into the water.

They succeed, but apparently she was being such a nuisance that the cops come and arrest her.

That is pretty much where we left off, till next episode. Good times!

Below are some extras that I did not add into the plot above.

-Ron and Sam make up at the club. Ron is happy and goes home to BBQ at 4 in the morning
-Vinny goes over the 2 types of laughs that Ron has
-Deena attempts to hook up with Mike again, and again she is denied

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