Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jersey Shore, Season 3, Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of Season 3 of Jersey Shore truly highlights just how psychotic some girls can be. If I were Ron, I'd run, and never look back.

At any rate I am not even sure how the episode started, but it goes pretty much the same as it has since the first episode. A continuation of last weeks run on story.

Jennie and Snooki are changing the locks back at Jennies house so Tom, her ex, cannot get in to steal more. They head back to the Jersey Shore house with Jennie's dogs. Back at the house Snooki's best friend is waiting. It is her birthday and they are supposed to celebrate. This girl is apparently the girl Vinny hooked up with, that upset Snooki on episode 1.

Anyhow, what is an episode without Ron and Sam fighting? Apparently at a club, Sam spy's Ron talking to another girl, and later on back at the house accuses him of touching someone.
Now for starters this chick has to realize that they are famous, and fans happen. No avoiding that. At any rate, he argues back with her, and she turns it up a notch by saying she is going home, blah blah blah this and that.

Ron is pissed for her non stop false accusations, so he tells her to go home then, and gets up and begins throwing all of her belongings onto the floor in a gigantic pile. Sam unaware of this goes downstairs in the heat of the battle, and brings him up some pizza, which is nothing more than a psychotics pathetic tactic to end a fight that she began.

She walks into the room, and acts oblivious to the fact that all of her things are on the floor, and offers him her peace offering. Ron denies the pizza, and tells her about her crap on the floor. She pretends to be startled by it, yet not bothered. She is aware she is wrong, clearly, but likely didn't expect him to react so angrily to her accusations.

Later on, Ron goes downstairs to lay on the couch and cry while Jennie tries to console him. Sam makes a phone call to her mother that she wants to go home.

The episode then takes us to Ron and the rest of the cast outside talking. Jennie is speaking with Ron, but keeping it on the down-low because she knows how stalkerish Sam is. Sure enough, Sam stalks from her balcony and begins yelling like a maniac asking Ron is he is friends with Jennie now. He never answers, she keeps on going, and going, like a psycho.

She then stomps downstairs and begins yelling in his face asking over again if he is friends with Jennie now. He does not say a thing, and she punches him in the face. Yes, Ron, time to bounce doll.

We then fast forward to the rest of the cast trying to get Sam to stay in the house and to not leave.

The following morning, she is still prepared to leave, and goes outside to see Ron who is sitting on the balcony thinking. She tells him this is their final goodbye to one another, and if he has anything to say to her, to say it now. He ignores her and she walks inside.

Mike then tries to console Ron, and Sam sees that he is crying. They end up making up, and everything is peachy again. A continuation into a disgusting relationship, and again, not his fault. His fault for staying sure.

That night after the fight is over and done with everyone goes out to a club, where Sam finally somewhat reconciles with JWOW. Naturally Sam is not the bigger person, it is JWOW. She goes to her first, and offers her a drink. The two walk to the bar together, and hug it out. The fight between the 2 is now over I suppose, and perhaps things in the house can go back to order where everyone is friends and not enemies.

Anyway, we sneak peek into next week, where it seems Ron and Sam are fighting again. Yippie!!!
Besides all of the SamRon drama, we also had a funny little scene happen where Vinny picks up a chick at the club. Her family is present though, making Vinny uneasy to get to know her, because her family is already giving him those 'man to man' talks, and stalking her wherever she goes.

Like a buffoon though, Vinny asks her to go back to the house. She goes, but her family soon follows to bring her home. Pretty embarrassing.

Pauly D seems to be taking a back seat these past few weeks, with nothing really dramatic enough to mention.

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