Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jersey Shore Will Be Hitting Our Tubes This January for a Season 3!!!

Season 2 of Jersey Shore was packed full of drama and fights, and all that ooey gooey brain cell eating garb, as much as I missed the cast getting along the way they did in season 1, I have to admit that I was sad at how quickly and abrupt this season in Miami Beach seemed to end.

Supposedly though, it has been confirmed that we will only have to go through Guido withdrawal for another 2 months, because Jersey Shore will once again be hitting out television sets with a season 3. This season will feature new cast members (member?), and will once again head back to the shores of Jersey.

 Thank God!
There will be one cast member however who will not be returning for this third season of Jersey Shore. I'm sure it's not hard guessing who that forgettable will be.

I am sure however, that I am not alone when I say that a few of our original cast members have let fame get to their heads. Aka The Sitch. He was once a likable personality in the original series, but I watched this semi monster of a person take over in season 2 while in Miami. I am not sure if he was just agitated being in Miami, or agitated that the other cast members wouldn't follow the leader; as he puts it 'leader of the house'.

At any rate I hope his diva like personality simmers down in season 3.

Snooki will once again make an appearance for the third installment, and honestly without this little darling the show probably would just tank in the ratings department, as she is the key to hilarity, adoring, yet stupid quotes, and a quirky personality that you can't not love.

Sammi will be returning, and I just pray that the first half of the entire series does not focus on her and her Ron drama. It was actually sickening to watch the way she behaved in the second installment. Crying, lying in bed, and soaking up camera time that did nothing but add boredom to the show. Granted the fight was cool to watch between her and JWOW, Sammi in particular did not add much of her original personality that we once all adored.

Ron will also be attending the third season, and I hope this round he is as fun as he was when he was single in the very first few episodes of the second season in Miami. In the reunion show, we learn that he and Sam are a couple still. I'm wondering how things will pan out in the first episode of the show. I hope if they are together MTV does not drain air time on their drama. I hope if they apart, the show does not focus on their relationship merging back together either.

JWOW will be hitting the Shores once again as well. In the second season back in Miami however cameras did not focus on her all that much. The first season showed how wild she could get in clubs, but the second season showed a softer side to her; besides the smack down with Sam of course, she seemed pretty much forgotten. I wondered if it was some sort of deal she made with MTV, to not focus on her wild ways in the clubs, in order to keep her and her other half who is back at home, in good standings. It is any ones guess, but I adore her and would have liked to see more of her.

Vinny is just Vinny, and he too will be back for season 3. Season 1 did not focus on him all that much as he was the more drama free quite type. Season 2 showed a more wild and creepy side. Still though, he is rather quite in comparison to the rest of his fellow cast mates.

Pauly D will be back as well. I like looking at him, and I have nothing more to say about that.
Our drama queen Angelina will be the cast member who will not be retuning. The new member of the house will be female, and supposedly Snooki's bestie.

Season 3 should be interesting, especially with some new meat to chew on. Season 3 will air on MTV on January 6th.

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