Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review of Hurst's Kiwi Berries

About a week ago while doing my usual browsing of the fruit and vegetable isle at a local Sam's Club, I stopped when I noticed clam-shells of small green/reddish colored berries all packed up. Normally this is the outer isle area where I snatch up a large clam shell full of blueberries.

Coming closer to these odd looking berries, I finally got a glimpse at what they were called. Kiwi Berries, by Hurst's Berry Farm.

Naturally I was very intrigued, and wondered if they were just some interesting gimmick. Would they taste like kiwi, or would they be some disgusting tropical berry that I couldn't stand. By the looks of the berries cut in half on the clam shell and the shelf ad, it seemed that these were mini kiwi's, right down to the green fleshy inside, and small black seeds lined up precisely inside of the flesh giving it the appearance that these berries were, indeed mini kiwi.

According to the package, you could even eat the skin, no need to peel off the outer layer.

I grabbed one of the packages, and yes, I granted myself a taste test. No matter though, I ended up buying that clam shell full of kiwi berries, along with 3 more packages. That was seriously how delicious they were, and I was excited to get these home to have others in my family give them a try.

The Kiwi Berries tastes just like kiwi, to the tee. However in my opinion, they tasted better, because they were a little sweeter than an average kiwi, and I did not have to peel them. They made for the perfect little healthy snack that did not involve peeling of messy fuzz like large kiwi's.

I planned on using the other packages in a large fruit salad for an upcoming birthday party, and I was not shocked with how impressed and intrigued guests were with the micro sized kiwi berries.

These little guys are a hit. They make for a fun, fast and delicious healthy snack while even on the go, and they make for interesting additions to a standard fruit salad.

These berries however are limited, and may still be available at local Sam's Club stores, so definitely check them out, as they only hit stores once a year.

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