Monday, July 28, 2014

Keeping Your Breath Fresh While at the Dentist

Nearly everyone I know hates the dentist. They hate going, they hate the drilling...and some of us, we secretly hate our dentist, we won't tell him that though will we?
Although we hate going to the dentist; we also like to impress our dentist at the same time. We don't want to walk in with unflossed teeth, or stank breath now do we? Nope! At least I don't walk in like that anyway.
So my question is, how many here reading this right now will take extra special care of your teeth before your appointment? I know I am guilty of this. I will brush my teeth for a full 2 minutes (something I normally do not do), I will floss each and every tooth (again, I only floss when I got some chicken stuck in there), and then I will rinse with some minty clean mouthwash (an act I never do).
Another ritual I preform before going to the dentist is to chew on about 5 mints before actually walking through the door. It seems no matter how much I brush, or how many times I rinse with mouthwash, my breath will be kicking the moment the dentist makes drill contact with my teeth.
All of that dental hygiene is thrown out the door. It's as if some sick odor lurks underneath the surface, and is only released when the drill starts. Gag! I hate it! Odds are the dentist now knows that I only tried masking the problem. Oh well!
So how does one truly mask odors, and rid themselves of the dreadful "do you floss?" question that is asked by the dentist as he's working on your mouth.
I have found that you're not going to 100% mask foul odors that come from your mouth as the dentist drills, but I have found that there are some easy simple steps you can follow before going to the dentist, that will subside nasty mouth funk that seems to arise as your being drilled.
You should begin the mouth cleansing ritual about a half hour before you are due at the dentists office.
The first thing I do is floss. I floss each and every tooth, even them annoying hard to reach molars in the back.
After flossing each tooth, I then brush with some Colgate. I make sure I brush for approximately 2 minutes.
After brushing I then rinse out with some water. After rinsing with water, I then gargle with some mint mouthwash. Preferably ACT, because that is the rinse the dentist recommends.
By now your mouth should feel all minty and clean. You think you're done...but you're not. Not yet.
You have to floss again, because odds are when you brushed and rinsed some loose particles managed to wedge back in between your teeth.
You then follow the above steps all over again; brushing, rinsing with water, then ACT.
Now you are sort of done.
The last and final step takes place in your car as you are driving to the dentist.
Stop off at a gas station and pick up a pack of Altoids- The Curiously Strong Mints.
Pop 2 of these strong mints into your mouth and let them dissolve. I know they are harsh, but I truly think that these mints are the key to keeping breath fresh while the dentist is drilling.
Instead of smelling that nasty funky smell, you will smell minty as he/she drills. The steps above though will not keep your breath100% is though, a hell of a lot better than if you had not done the steps.

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