Monday, July 28, 2014

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey: Is the Flash Pass Worth Purchasing?

My boyfriend and I go to Six Flags in New Jersey once a year for the Fright Fest. Every time we go though we end up waiting on 3 hour lines, and we end up exhausted and tired after boarding just 2 rides. By the time the park closes we only manage to get on to about 3 rides due to the ridiculous lines.
Yesterday while on our yearly 'Daycation' we decided to try something new. The Flash Pass.
The Flash Pass allows you to basically reserve a ride. You are given a weird little robot like device in which you must activate by placing its small scanner up against the rides Flash Pass reserve box. After you reserve the ride you will have anywhere from 5 minutes to a half hour to wait until you can go on the ride.
Once the Flash Pass buzzes and chimes it means you can no enter the ride. Instead of entering on the line that everyone is waiting on though, you take a detour by coming in through the exit. It's seriously a 2 minute wait, and bam, you are on the ride.
We had the option to choose a regular Flash Pass, or a Gold Flash Pass. Once we discovered that the Gold Flash Pass was 3 times faster at getting you on the line then the regular flash pass, we went with the Gold. For an additional $110 that is.
We really hoped this purchase was worth out money. We had never used this Flash Pass thing before, and we were excited to give it a try.
After figuring out how the Flash Pass worked, we seriously began to feel like VIP. We were cutting ahead on 3 hour lines in just minutes. The $110 was worth its purchase the first time we used it. We first clicked to reserve Nitro, which had a 2 hour line; we were on it in about 10 minutes. Those who saw us walking up the exit ramp, also saw us coming down the exit ramp. That's seriously how fast it is.
Mind you this was a day in the park, that had a fully loaded amount of people. The park was not dead, nor was it lacking patrons. I'm serious when I say every line had a nearly 3 hour wait...for us, with our Flash Pass Gold... 15 minutes.
Now when there is good, there is of course the bad.
Although Flash Pass is worth its weight in actual gold when you are at Six Flags, there are some really dangerous side effects.
First and foremost you have to remember that you are cutting everyone. When those waiting on 3 hour lines see a group of Flash Pass users walking up the exit ramps they at times go into fits of rage. It seems that if you spent the extra dough on a Flash Pass, you are a dirty scumbag criminal according to everyone else who didn't purchase it.
As we walked up one exit ramp past the bunches of cattle on line we actually had people flipping us the bird, and threatening us with 'gun shots to the head'. I think the words were 'Imuh shoot that muthafu---- if I see him later.' Then you have the ones that like to scream 'Get to the back of the F'ing line'.
I mean I felt bad and all, cutting all these people; but hell, we spent $110 to do so. We spent more money on the goddamn Flash Pass then we did on actual tickets to get into the park. If these people want the VIP treatment they should have purchased the Pass.
Just when you think passing all these people was an awful experience, you get treated like an animal when you enter through the exit lane.
You see when you are given a cart or seat on a ride, you have to remember that the people on the other side of the track are those who waited the 3 hour wait.
Six Flags staff for some reason opens the gates on both sides at the exact same time. One side of the track for regular line waiters, and on the other side for Flash Pass riders. There tend to be a bit of an altercation between the two. If you jump in a cart where someone had been waiting, there becomes a verbal battle. It's insane; and those with children it could be downright frightening.
Six Flags needs to make sure they only open one gate at a time. The Flash Pass gate first, then the regular waiters second... or vice versa.
There are some rides that do it right though. The Nitro will only open some gates on the line waiting side, so that was those on the Flash Pass lane are given a seat without a fist fight. There is some bad though... you see if someones gate does not open, and everyone else's does; they blow huge fits, and cuss at you while you are in the seat that should of been 'their' seat.
What's worse though is that the staff actually apologizes to these to them for us cutting.
I can't help but not be offended... because the statement the staff used over the loud speaker was 'to those in gate 7 we are deeply sorry for the huge inconveniences'. (Turns out those in gate 7 had to wait another ride out because we...had the Flash Pass)
-We were the huge inconveniences?Yep. Looking around, there are no other Flash Pass the message was obviously made because of us.
Sorry, but when we spend that much money on a Flash Pass we expect to be treated like everyone else...we don't like being called HUGE INCONVENIENCES, especially after we walked the line past everyone while getting cussed out and hissed at.
So yeah, although you will breeze through lines in a matter of minutes, you also get treated like an animal. You have people threatening violence on you, people cussing you out, and the staff labeling you an inconvenience. When the staff labels you an innocence the crowd hisses and goes wild. It's just bad all around.
What was worse about having the Flash Pass was those people who remembered you cutting ahead of everyone. We had one thug point us out to his group of friends while he said: 'There's the pieces of sh**s that cut the line'.
Is The Fast Pass Worth $110? Yes, and no. The choice is really yours.
We enjoyed riding all of the hot roller coasters in just minutes, but at the same time we felt like we were walking around with a red scarlet letter on our chests.

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