Sunday, July 20, 2014

Life as Liz, Episode 6 Recap

I used to be like Garfield. I hated Monday's as a kid, and the hatred for Monday's stood with me from childhood to adulthood. Monday's have been, and likely always will be the dreaded reminder that you have another 4 days ahead of you till Friday.

Monday nights however have gotten a little sweeter thanks to the hit MTV reality show, Life As Liz.
This show has taken America by storm, fans cannot get enough of it, and the half hour show is one that I wish was an hour long.

We stand at episode 6 right now, titled, The ABCs of Friendship.

In this episode we learn that it is Liz's birthday, however the entire birthday celebration sort of gets put on the back burner due to the fact that the ABC party for high school kids is in order. If you're wondering ABC stands for 'Anything But Clothes'.
Liz gets an invite and initially was not going to go to the party. Once her lovable dorky friend Sully finds out she got an invite he tries to get her to take him along with her to the party. Liz shoots him down though and tells him she is not going.

We now fast forward a little bit where Sully is in his kitchen with his nerd herd making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich tower. He and his friends are trying to come up with a costume idea for Sully to wear. The plan is for Sully to head over to Liz's and beg her to go to the ABC party with him.

Initially you believe that Sully wants to go because he thinks he is going to see naked girls. However the reality is that Sully has a little bit of a crush on Liz.

Outside of his home, Liz parks her car and calls Sully to attempt to hang out. He shoots her down in an awkward way, and Liz drives off confused. Sully shot her down though, because he needed to come up with a plan as to what he is going to wear, and how he is going to get Liz to go to the party.

While continuing his peanut better and jelly tower he has an epiphany. As a viewer it's obvious as to what he was going to wear, and if you are a fan of Family Guy you'd know what Sully had in store before he even attempts it.

Next we fast forward to Liz making a phone call. It's obvious she is trying to call Bryson. While making the call though Bryson does not realize that Liz is right in the parking lot watching him. She gets to witness him check his phone, and hit ignore.

Defeated in her attempts to hang out with friends Liz heads home. Shortly afterward a knock at the door, and Liz is greeted by Sully in a giant banana costume singing the Family Guy, peanut butter and jelly song.

He begs her to go to the party with him. Just when you think she is about to say no, she asks Sully what she would wear, and Sully is one step ahead of her. He hands her a small package type object. I could not tell what the heck it was, but that was part of the surprise.

Now we fast forward to the actual ABC party. Liz is grapes! She has on a purple spandex jumpsuit, with a bunch of purple balloons attached to the jumpsuit.

As quickly as Liz arrives to the party she is confronted by Corey. While the confrontation goes on, Taylor breaks it up and tells Corey to leave Liz alone. Corey looking like the ugly over tanned drag queen she is, tells Taylor to choose between her or Liz. I was shocked by this, because it reminded me of the childish antics that went on when I was in...oh...the 1st grade.

Taylor tells Corey she will miss her, and Corey walks away all flustered and angry. Haha! Taylor then tells Liz to come and dance with her.

The party goes on, and the night comes to an end. While at the front door, Sully is attempting to tell Liz how he feels about her, but instead freezes up and gets all awkward. They say goodnight, and Liz goes inside. Here her mother tells her that someone is out back waiting for her.

Surprise, surprise. It's Bryson putting golf balls in her back yard. He awkwardly tells her that he thinks it is over. Liz thinks he means their friendship, but clearly he meant his relationship with his girlfriend. It was basically a wimpy way to tell Liz that he dumped his chick for her. He should have just come flat out and told her how he felt, but like a high school boy, he kept his feelings to himself. Gez!

While the awkwardness is at a sky high level, Sully walks through the back door, and sees that Bryson and Liz are together. He obviously was going to tell Liz he liked her, but instead covered his tracks by pretending he forgot his bag.

It was cute really. He made a fun grand entrance, and a graceful exit. It was too funny.

Anyhow, we are left off with Liz and Bryson hitting golf balls out of her back yard. Next weeks sneak peek shows us that Liz is going to attempt to ask Bryson to the prom!

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