Sunday, July 20, 2014

Xbox 360's Video Game Demo, Dante's Inferno Included Nudity!

Now I have absolutely no problem with nudity. I'm not some freak that has issues whenever I see a boob, or a naked body on my television screen. I don't flip out, or get all weird about it. So before you flood my comment section with typical comments such as 'you're a loser if you don't like boobs'; do know, I'm a girl and I've got my own pair. So zip it, and hear me out.

I don't have kids, but I must say, that if I did have kids, and they had access to my Xbox 360 console, I'd be pretty pissed off to find that the consoles Live Marketplace Demos may sometimes include nudity.
Mad props to Gamestop, for when they actually check for ID on Mature rated video games when kids try buying them. That's how things should be. A parents preference to allow, or disallow M rated games is a must.

But how do parents control what their kids can so easily download right onto their consoles? It's pretty hard. In fact if you are not sitting down with your kids every time they decide to sit down and play their console, you'd never know what sort of content is being delivered to them.

It's my opinion that young children are subjected to more than enough sexual related content right on their television sets and advertising, so the included nudity in the Dante's Inferno video game demo was pretty frigging unnecessary, and frankly I'm baffled as to why more parents have not aired out how they feel about this situation.

Dante's Inferno came out a few days ago. However 3 days before the game released I noticed that a free demo was available to download onto my Xbox 360. I like to try before I buy, and seeing that I had read Dante's Inferno, I was beyond curious as to what the game would deliver.

I was shocked to see that instead of delivering good game play, it delivered more ta-ta's and titties than I was expecting.

The reason it bothered me was not because I was staring at a very lifelike boob; the reason it bothered me was that this content was so easily available to children. I don't know how parents feel about this, but like I said, if I had kids, I'd be pretty angry to discover this sort of crap being available to them.

If the gaming industry is going to go as far as forcing ratings on video games, why are certain rules not enforced to what can be downloaded? It's my opinion that no downloadable demo's should include nudity, considering the fact that most who are holding the controller on the receiving end are under 13.

The next reason the added nudity in the game bugged me, was because the boobie shots that took place during the demo were completely unnecessary to the actual game. Why they could not have just clothed the character in a light gown is beyond me. This game is not selling awesome game play, great graphics, or a killer plot. This game is selling unnecessary sex, and the demo is available to your kids right now, via Xbox Live.

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