Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Liz Lee is Overacting 'Awkward Moments' This Season in Life as Liz, Season 2

I became wildly addicted to Life As Lee last season on MTV, and I could not wait to see what panned out between her and Bryson in season 2. However this season featuring Liz Lee trying to make it (as what I am not sure) in NYC has been really strange. Mostly the strangeness comes from the odd personality shift we see in our main character Liz Lee.

Last season she was quirky, and of course there were those legendary edited moments that were all too fake to dismiss. However season 2 has been nothing but compilations of fake, over acting staged moments.

I was going to do a week by week recap of this show, but honestly it has been pretty bland and boring, so here is a quick catch you up to date summary of what has gone on thus far.

Liz is in the city, no shocker there. At first she hates it and has a hard time finding an apartment. She comes back home for a short while and then back to the city, where the apartment that was available is no longer available, only to randomly become available again. Yay, Liz has the cutest gay roommate now!!! He seems more interesting than her, especially when he plops on a pair of heels to show Liz.
At any rate, we learn quickly in that the fellas back home in Texas know something about Bryson that they are contemplating keeping from Liz. It is staged that way anyways, we all know that the news that Bryson has a girlfriend will soon get to her compliments of the nerd herd.

There is a new beau in her life as of late though, his name is Louis. He is a micro version of Hugh Grant. He is good looking and all, but could work on those yellowing teeth. At any rate, Louis and Liz hit it off, or so MTV wants you to believe. They are just pals for now though, as every moment she is in his presence, she overacts being awkward, which makes her look like a social misfit, and it's pathetic to watch.

Liz naturally gets closer to Louis once she discovers Bryson has a girlfriend. Bryson discovers that Liz knows, and she inevitably ends up ignoring all contact he tries to make to explain things to her. It was annoying watching 2 or 3 episodes of nothing but Liz ignoring calls, or referring Bryson to Louis, as 'the Bryson thing'.

The most undeniably annoying over dramatized scene was when she throws her $400 phone into the water because she gets a call she does not want to answer. Damn, she could have donated that nifty device to someone who would have maybe...kept it dry?

So we fast forward a bit now, and Bryson is coming to NYC for some job without Liz knowing. The nerd herd just so happens to be in town as well! Shocking.

Liz is still pissed at Bryson, clearly, and when he just so happens to show up randomly in the same place she is at, you once again known damn well that it was all perfectly staged. Perhaps by Sully, but that's just what they want you to think.

Anyhow, we undergo some awkward moments where Bryson is suddenly present in Liz's life again, while Louis sits at the sidelines wondering where he stands in this whole mess. Bryson is plopped into the mix to look like a sad puppy as he observes his gal kinda, maybe, sorta faking a relationship with Louis to get to Bryson.

We leave off with the final awkward over acted scene where Louis invited Bryson to a show that he and Liz will be in. Liz singing and Louis on guitar. How bizarre right, considering that Bryson used to play guitar, while Liz sang in school events. Yup yup. Hmm.

At the end of the show, Bryson watches on as Liz and Louis lock lips after the show. Finally the pivotal moment in Liz's relationship with Louis. They kissed, a big girl kiss too, not some little lip peck. Bryson is crushed, he walks out and we are left there.

So far, to sum this all up, the show has been to over staged and fake for my liking. Granted season 1 was no 'reality show' either, at least the storyline made more sense, and did not flow the way this season has. The flow was more random, it made more sense. Right now we have Liz in the city and oddly enough Bryson randomly is just there and wow, how lucky to bump into one another so dang often.

-For the record, the hot girl hitting it off with Sully so perfectly... I do not know what is worse, the fake relationship between Louis and Liz, or the hot girl randomly so interested in the fat kid who walked her dog. Yeah. I love Sully and all, but seriously now MTV, let's be real. You disappointed the hell out of us with the ending to The Hills, why piss us off again?

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