Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life as Liz, Season 2, Ep. 12: New Beginnings Recap

Guilty as charged, I have let MTV yet again, invade my weekly schedule with yet another 'maybe it is real, maybe it is scripted' reality show. This one caught me a season ago, and I being the loyal sucker for 'reality shows' that I am, fell in love with the quirky Ronald McDonald red head gal Liz.
Last nights episode of Life As Liz however was the episode fans have all been waiting for, and frankly, even though a kiss in the mix would have made it perfect, it did seem almost perfect, even in the absence of tongue.

Before getting into whom is in love with who, let us rewind to the beginning.
Sully is heading back up to NYC to partake in some sort of comic book event with that hot chick he met while walking dogs for Liz last time he was in NY.

Once in NY, Sully meets up with Bryson and tells him that Louis is leaving on tour for 3 months, and that if Byrson plans on being with Liz, he has to do something to wow her, something big!

Later on that day, or following day, Sully and Louis are randomly getting a haircut together. This was when you got a good glimpse at Louis, to see how ugly he really is. I found him to be attractive, in a Hugh Grant sort of way, but with his hair all slick back, he kind of looked like a ferret. Thankfully his hair dries and he is cute again.

Sully lets Louis know that he told Bryson that he would be gone for 3 months. I don't know why he did that, but he did, an his final answer was that he wanted Liz happy. Louis agrees.

Liz meanwhile is back at home in her apartment having a convo Taylor, whom should probably tone down the white hair. At any rate, we learn from Liz that she really likes Louis. She says it with doubt though, and the reason I feel this episode was completely scripted was because you could tell by her tone that this meant something bad. Girl likes boy, boy does something... and girl is sad. Haha.
You get this feeling that something between Liz and Louis will happen shortly afterward, and low and behold it does.

Louis lets Liz know he will be leaving NY for 3 months to go on a tour with his band.
Now for most folks 3 months is nothing, but you can tell she is taking the news pretty hard.
Meanwhile, we fast forward back to Liz in her apartment. A card was left on the door for Liz to meet a 'mystery person' somewhere. Liz thinks that the card is from Louis, and Taylor thinks the card is from Bryson. Liz is curious as to why Taylor thinks it would be from him, but she fills Liz on how he reacted when she saw Bryson watching Liz and Louis kiss the night of the show.

We then fast forward to Liz sitting under some giant globe statue, and oddly enough no one else is there, just her. More staged BS. NYC does not have a vacant slot on it, no matter what the hour.
At any rate, we are all wondering who will be showing up to meet with Liz. Is it Louis, or is it Bryson?
Our favorite lovable character Sully to the rescue!

But wait- I thought he was supposed to be with that chick?

No, no, first he makes a pit stop to meet with Liz, to tell her something he felt he had to tell her. Sully confesses his love for Liz, and it is probably the sweetest moment the show has ever seen. Sadly he knows he does not stand a chance in that department with her, and he even tells her that.

Don't get excited, there is no kiss involved. Sully tells her he needs to get over her, and that he met a girl. Liz is happy for him, they hug it out, and Sully takes off to go meet up with her at the event.

Liz is walking away to head home, and out of the darkness comes Louis. Apparently she rang him, and he got there immediately, thanks to a tip Sully gave him, to hang nearby.

Basically it is a mutual break up, left open with a dot...dot...dot...sort of goodbye. Nothing bad, or good though.

It is pretty obvious in our minds what will happen next. Taylor is having a party over at Liz's place, and anyone with half a brain cell should know Bryson would be present. Low and behold, there he is.
Liz walks in, and he stops her to ask her if she had a moment to talk. We watch her stubborn eyes dart around, and obvious stance in 'I'm going to walk away fast'.

Sully interrupts the moment when Bryson is about to say something pivotal. Bryson tells Sully he was about to tell Liz something, and asked for a moment. Liz seems irked that Sully leaves, but he and Taylor look on thinking Bryson and Liz are about to kiss or makeup or something of that nature.
Bryson tells Liz he will be in NY for the fall for his internship. She congratulates him and they hug. Suddenly Sully and Taylor bombard them, and this was where things got fake, but hey... it was a really awesome moment all the same.

Sully says thank God you finally told her you love her, took you like a year!

And then Liz gets awkward, blinking obnoxiously, speechless in a way I suppose. Sully senses the awkwardness, and then says, I guess you didn't tell her you love her.

Bryson says, nope... a long pause, some eye flirt dances and finally he says it. 'But it is true, I always have....and then her mouth hangs open, she caresses her neck, and her eyes look teary. Either that she is high?

For me though, the moment was just really spectacular, and how could it not leave any girl speechless?
Staged or not, this had to be my favorite episode. I just hope something good comes of it.

So 2 confess their love tonight to Liz; Bryson and Sully. Louis at this point seems like he is going to be old news, however I know the season will likely end with him coming back, and randomly bumping into Liz on the street while she is holding hands with Bryson. Yup, I can kinda already see it.

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