Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lost Boys 3: The Thirst, and Corey Haim to Star in Lost Boys 4?

After the sudden tragic news of the loss of one of my favorite 80's teen heartthrob's I of course began google searching news on Lost Boys 3. I discovered that the movie by Warner Bros. will in fact be hitting theater's sometime this year.

Although tons of fans hated Lost Boys: The Tribe, I liked the movie, and even though Feldman only had a small role in the flick, I still like it. I also enjoyed the extra footage of Corey Haim at the very end of the movie. It suggested that a part 3 may be featuring the 2 Corey's.

After reading up on this news, I came to learn that Haim would not be taking on a role in the third movie Lost Boys: The Thirst.
However with more google searching and pecking around, Corey Haim had said that he will not be in the third movie, but would be starring in the 4th Lost Boys.

With that said, fans of the deceased star have to wonder if Lost Boys 4 was ever made, or if parts of it were already made, and what the future of it will entail. Will Haim be in it? Has production even began?

As of right now fans have tons of questions, and so far no answers. I am sure however that if you follow the news on Haim's death, you will learn what movies Haim is in, was in, and possibly will star in.

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