Sunday, July 20, 2014

80's Teen Idol, Corey Haim is Dead

There have been so many recent losses of some of my top favorite celebrities. Michael Jackson was my childhood idol, Patrick Swayze was also my crush when I was 5, and Corey Haim was my absolute favorite actor alongside Corey Feldman.

Today I went about my business as I always do, and suddenly a news interruption on my local radio station announced that another 80s heartthrob has died of an apparent drug overdose. This however was not confirmed. One thing that was confirmed however was the death of Corey Haim, which totally broke my heart.

I recalled seeing him last on Lost Boys 2, in the extra bonus footage. His part was small, and if you followed his last reality show 'The 2 Corey's', than you probably got a good glimpse at why his role in the seconds hit movie was so short.

In the 2 Corey's the very first half of the season got cut short due to a huge fight between Corey Feldman and Haim. The season however continued on a few weeks later where the world got to see a really up close and personal look into Haim's lifestyle.

He easily came off as a lovable and remarkable man. A huge leap from the goofy child he once was. Haim looked good though, however as the season came to its end we got to see a different side of Haim, that was not only frightening, but also dangerous.

Although he claimed to be clean, and off of drugs, it was very apparent that he was possibly using again. During one scene in the reality show, the cameras audio picked up what sounded like Haim sniffing something. Afterward, his behavior went from a high to a low, back to a high, and a bunch of other really bizarre behavior switches.

It broke my heart to see this, and broke my heart when I learned his role that he played in The Lost Boys 2 was not going to be used. (They did however use him in the bonus footage as mentioned earlier).

After watching the reality show however I really hoped that both Haim and Feldman would end things off on a positive note. The two met up one last time to part ways. Haim was angry with Feldman for accusing him of being on drugs again, and Feldman had, had enough of Haim. After this final showdown, I was hoping for another season of the show. Sadly, it never came.

I followed news on Haim here and there after that reality show, and learned he would be playing a role in a horror film. I was happy, and hoped to see the film, only the film never surfaced, or it never made it to box offices.

At any rate, I hoped that eventually I would once again see Haim in the VH1 reality show, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I was hoping that he would check in, and along the way grab on to a huge collection of new fans. Haim however never made an appearance; Haim will never make an appearance, he was found dead this morning of an apparent drug overdose at only 38 years old.
He will be so missed by his adoring fans.

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