Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Technology is Older Than You Think! Take a Look at Some of Todays Newest Technology, and See Just How Old it Really Is!

I have always found technology fascinating. Most don't even realize that some of this new technology they consider new is actually really old. In fact, it felt like yesterday that the word of the MP3 player gained popularity... yet did you know that the first MP3 player is already 10-years-old!

Sure, she came a long way, and she evolved over time. But who would have thought it? Who seriously would have even thought that MP3's are already 'old news'.

The MP3 though is not the only new, yet old technology.

How about the good ol, touch screen! Seems pretty new right?
Touch screen computers, and hand held devices have finally started making an affordable debut in the market place, but did you know that this new technology was actually first born in 1971!? I bet ya didn't! Like the MP3, the touch screen has very much so evolved over time.

And hey, what about your cell phone! We all know that cell phones have a pretty long history, but I bet you didn't know this technology was as old as it really is.

The first cell phone concept was brought to light in 1947!

The first phone call ever made on a cell phone though was in 1977. Sadly the technology probably would have been done earlier in 1947 had they had the available technology to do so.

Besides cell phones, touch screens, and the MP3, did you know that the first commercially available laptops ever created came about in 1981, and cost $1795. The laptop was nothing like IMAC, or Dell.

This laptop was named the Osborne 1. The Osbourne 1 however was not your modern day laptop though. Osbourne weighed in at close to 25 pounds! (That would almost be equivalent to carrying around your desktops tower!)
My, my, my the laptop has come far! They've got ones not that weigh in at just a little over 3 pounds!
How about Digital TV?
It's already been here longer than some even are aware of!

In the USA our analog to digital transition will be occurring this upcoming year. Did you know that this digital technology though is old news.In fact I've had digital Television since the late 90's.

And what about contact lenses?
They seem like a relatively new method to seeing better without having to wear glasses. I mean back in the 80's contact lenses were seriously only something I'd see used in the movies! Yet close to everyone I know now, owns a pair of contact lenses. Some use them to help improve sight, while others simply use them for a quick eye color change.

Bet you didn't know though that the first concept of the contact lens came about in 1508 by Leonardo da Vinci!?

The first wearable, and semi tolerable contact was made in 1887 by a glass blower!

Dang, and I seriously thought the first contacts were made in the 1980's! I was just 100 some odd years off!

Next let's take a look at digital cameras.

They seem fairly new, and really it was only about 10 years ago that not many people owned a digital camera, purely based on the high prices they would be selling for.

However 'film use' cameras are slowly (but surely) becoming an extinct invention of the past, as digital cameras seem to be taking over by popular demand, and ease of use.

The first digital camera though was made for sale to photojournalists by Kodak, in 1991. That would make the digital camera almost 20+ years old!

The concept is even older than that.

So it just goes to show, just when you think something is new, it may be even older than you!


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