Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How to Become a Witch in the Sims 2 Simple Tutorial to Becoming a Witch in the Sims 2

I recently picked up the latest and final expansion pack to The Sims 2. For those of you who don't own The Sims 2: Apartment Life, you will have no use for this tutorial, because you absolutely need to have this expansion pack in order for the witch to even show up in your game.

I happened to get lucky when it came to becoming a witch in my game, I went over to a community lot, and a witch just happened to appear on broomstick right outside of the community lot. I find that spotting a witch is easiest in a club. The witch or warlock will be easy to spot because they will be glowing with an odd green magical glow (sort of like fireflies surrounding them).

As soon as you spot the witch you have to go out and greet them quickly, because they tend to vanish as quickly as they arrived, which I have always found odd, and annoying.

Now that you have greeted them, you can now call them by phone and invite them over. They may deny your invitation at first, so be sure to ring them on the phone a few times 'just to talk' first. Once you have built a decent friendly relationship the witch will be more likely to show up.

Once the witch shows up you want to take the time to really get them to like you. Witches are hard to get along with though, especially evil ones. If you mess up just once, the relationship will drain back down to 0, and it will be harder to patch up the relationship.

However if you are lucky, and impress the witch enough to liking you a brand new menu will pop up when you go to talk with the witch. It will say 'teach me the path of darkness' (or light, depends if the witch is good or bad).

Once you click it, your Sim will turn into a witch (green skin and a cool new witch costume). In your inventory you will now have a book of shadows, and a cauldron to use for yourself.

You have the option to follow the path of darkness, or the path of light. If you follow the path of darkness your Sim will learn evil spells to place on other Sims, and if you follow the path of light, your Sims witch costume will turn white over time, and you will be able to cast nice spells. Give both paths a go, it's pretty neat what your witch Sim can do.

In order to learn new spells, you simply read from the book of shadows for new spells. You will find that the more your Sim studies, the more spells they will learn, and your Sim will eventually learn to make new exclusive witch objects in the cauldron!

All in all, becoming a witch is pretty simple, and a very cool new twist to The Sims 2.

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