Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One of the Best Ways to Style Layered Hair

I love layered hair. It gives your hair depth, the illusion of being fuller, and looks fantastic if cut properly.

Most women will get a gorgeous layered cut in the salon, and come home clueless on how to style their hair after they take their very first 'after the salon' shower. Ladies you know what I am talking about! The issue of taking a shower and not being able to style your hair to look as good as it did the day it was cut and styled in the salon.

Yeah, it's quite a dilemma.

I have had layered locks for years though, and although it took some time, I figured out how to style my layered hair so my layers actually look like layers, and not like a puffy lions mane.

If you are not able to style your layers likely it will only make your hair look uneven, and fluffy.

The only way I know how to style my layered hair is to use a thin 1" straight iron. Thin Chi irons with the ability to curl as well as straighten hair work the best. No wait...they are the best.
Click here to view the particular iron I recommend you use. You can use lower priced irons, just make sure they are similar.

Notice how the iron has somewhat curved sides? This allows you to actually add flips, or curls to your hairs ends.

The first thing you are going to want to do is use the iron to fully straighten your hair. Once your hair is fully straightened it is easier to find where your shorter pieces of layered hairs are.

Grab a pile of shorter layered hair, and use the iron to slowly flip up the ends, or to curl.

Do this on every shorter layer of hair you can find. Once you have managed to curl, or add a flip to that layer of hair, do the same thing to your next layer of hair. Repeat process, depending on how many layers you have. Most just have one layer, but longer hair could have more.

To allow the hair to maintain the layered curls/wisps/or flips add a small shot of hair spray for good all day long hold. Cheap Aquanet Hairspray works best for me.

The ending result will resemble something like this. In this photo she simply wisped her layers out, and not in curls. Likely paired with a strong holding hair wax to maintain the wind washed look.

Curled layers will look something like this.

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